Monday, 12 December 2016

They'll Put Cannabis in Anything

Hey guys. This post is pretty late because I overslept and I didn't have time to make a post before my driving lesson this afternoon. It's funny because I also underslept. I was woken up early and then just kept going back to sleep until it was too late and my dad informed me that it was 1PM. Anyhow, I thought I'd tell you about this fun thing I learned about while I was working over the weekend. It's called Canna-Pet. As the name of the product (and this post) implies it contains cannabis.

I found myself writing a lot about cannabis this past weekend. I also had to write about the benefits of hemp seed oil. It turns out cannabis is pretty healthy. I already knew that though. There are tons of good uses for hemp and cannabis that have nothing to do with THC. That's the psychoactive ingredient. So feeding your pets this cannabis based pet food doesn't get them high because there's no THC.

I found the whole thing pretty interesting really. I knew there were good uses for hemp. They make clothes and rope out of it. I wouldn't have thought about feeding it to an animal though. I don't know; it was just something interesting I came across I thought I might as well share. If there's some interest for this then perhaps I'll talk more about the interesting stuff I come across while working. It would give me something to post about other than my attempts at learning to drive.


  1. Wait, huh? What would you even use that for? As in, what would you be treating? Last I read marijuana was poisonous to cats and dogs, but that's probably something they filter out during processing?

  2. It doesn't stink like weed though does it?

  3. I never know how much to believe about the positive uses of marijuana and hemp.

    I believe the paper stuff, and maybe the fact that smoking it helps people with cancer digest food.

    But there are a lot of liberals that treat it like a panacea.

    Also, my uncle who smokes it 24/7 has cancer at the moment, whereas if the claims about its curative properties were true, he should have had superpowers by now.

    I don't know. I'm a moderate skeptic.

  4. I didn't know hemp was related to marijuana, always thought cannabis was just marijuana. I've even tasted hemp seeds at Costco, and thought it was some kind of cereal.

  5. A damn good idea for the critters!

  6. I guess there are fads in pet food like everything else.


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