Thursday, 15 December 2016

Parallel Parking

Yes folks it's time for another foray into the world of me learning to drive. I think that, as a new driver, the most intimidating thing is the parallel park. At least that was the case for me. The idea of trying to park in a tiny space is not one I enjoy. Even after driving for some 40 years my dad will never attempt it. But, they make you do it during driving lessons because it is one of the maneuvers that may come up on the test.

I actually did something like this
Thankfully the version they have you do during lessons and on the test isn't a "true" parallel park, so to speak. While I did have to do the maneuver shown above, I  didn't have to do it between two cars. I just had to show that I could safely reverse and park behind one car, and I was given a safety distance of about two meters to play with. It's a lot less complicated than it sounds to perform a parallel park, and, even though I didn't do it perfectly, I still did a much better job of it than I thought I would.

One issue I have with driving is the idea of reference points. A lot of driving is using specific things on the road or the car to gauge your position and distance. However because of my dodgy eyes (remember I only see out of one eye at a time) my perspective could be completely thrown off, rendering all reference points useless. I can still drive safely and effectively, but sometimes where I think I am and where I actually am are two entirely different things.

Oh well.

My next lesson is next Friday, which means I need to think of two real posts for next week. Something tells me that could be more difficult than the parallel park.


  1. I'd need a car that parks itself!

  2. All the best! I tend to avoid parallel parking.

  3. I am not good at parallel parking. I just did it well enough on my test that I could say I tried. I'll never do it again - even though I work downtown.

  4. Whatever other faults and flaws I may have as a driver, I am a Parallel Parking GODDESS. It's because my Dad set up two saw-horses on the road by our house and I practised, practised, practised incessantly! Parallel parking was the only part of the driving test that I got perfect marks on. That's what pulled me across the magic line to get my driver's licence, lol!

  5. That eyesight thing sounds pretty wack. What causes that? I vaguely recall you mentioning this before...

    As an aside, I tagged you! (^:

  6. For many years I sucked at parallel parking but then one day I got it, now I don't have a problem with it but generally I don't do it as I usually park in spaces that you can drive in although I don't do that either I reverse into parking spaces, never drive in


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