Monday, 5 December 2016

New Car Smell

To be honest there's not a whole lot to report about my last driving lesson but I said I would do it so here goes.

This driving lesson was a little interesting in that I was driving a new car. By new car I mean brand new. I was one of the first people to drive it and it only had a few hundred miles on the odometer. Actually by the end of the lesson Martin said I had driven it more than he had. It was a Mini, which is apparently one of the best cars to learn to drive in.
It looked like this but with more branding
It's weird driving a new car. But it was good I got the opportunity to do so. One of the first things I noticed immediately was the clutch. Clutch control is something I have some trouble with so a more responsive clutch was just a death knell for me. I went from barely ever stalling the car to stalling it about five times in one go. So that sucked. We got stuck in traffic at one point, so that did help with the clutch control. I was just using the clutch to inch forward a few feet at a time. I made a lot less mistakes after that, but I still made some.

Perhaps the biggest mistake I made was when I almost hit a van. At least I didn't almost die this time. It was another case of misjudging distance when there was traffic edging into my lane to get past a parked car. I pulled over a little too much to the left. Martin noticed and hit the brakes for me. That was good because I didn't want to damage a brand new car.

Other than that it was a pretty smooth drive. The lesson was a "back to basics" kind of thing to get me used to the new car. I expect I'll do more in my lesson tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on learning, and in a new car no less! Clutch control can be tricky from 1st to 2nd, but once you have that you're golden!

  2. I never mastered clutch control luckily we mostly have automatic transmission in North America.

  3. I too experienced new car smell.........once!

  4. I can't drive a standard. Fortunately, I probably won't ever need to.

  5. I love New Car Smell! Mmmmmm. Too bad it only lasts a little while. I learned how to drive on a standard transmission too because my Dad said it was important to know how, in case I was in an emergency situation where I needed to drive and there was only a standard available. My first two cars were standards, but my last two have been automatics. I like automatics because you can eat an ice cream cone and drive at the same time. Impossible to do in a standard.

  6. You'll get the clutch in time, it'll all fall into place. Enjoy the new car smell, I've had it twice - once with a lease car and once with my current car I've had from new.

    I've never understood why they still call them Minis, they're massive!

  7. I learnt to drive in an automatic, I can drive a manual as in a four on the floor but prefer to drive an auto much easier less to think about when driving. I have never tried to drive a three on the tree but my mum and sister have both driven such cars.

  8. Well, one fart and there you go.

  9. I'm one of those kooky gearheads who will only drive manual. Once you get the hang of it, it'll just become second nature. You won't even have to think about it. And wow, getting to drive a brand new Mini. That's pretty awesome. I've always wanted one, but I also don't have the time or money to dump into it constantly falling apart. You got the best of both worlds - driving it without having to take care of it.


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