Monday, 26 December 2016

It's Boxing Day

Well Christmas has gone as quickly as it came. Now we all settle down to enjoy the bad TV and await the next holiday of New Year's. Before then though we reflect on Christmas and look at what we got. Which is what I'll be doing today. I've reached that age where I certainly give a lot more than I receive, but because my presents come from friends and family the quality of those presents is often still pretty high.
My presents 
From my sister I got an Undertaker action figure and the WWE annual for 2017, both of which were kickass presents. They scared one of my nieces though so I had to put them away pretty quickly. It was kinda cute.

The pokemon stuff is from my boss. There's a Pikachu wallet and a box containing the eight gym badges of the Kanto region. So technically I am now a Pokemon master. That's how that works guys. Well I suppose I need to beat the league first actually. Those were also great. It's a shame that the badges don't come out of the box so I can't pin them on anything though.

Other than that I got the usual presents of toiletries sets and chocolates. I didn't get any socks this year, which is a shame because I actually needed them. It's incredible how quickly I lose socks.

Every present I gave was well-received, which is always good. And I loved every present I got. So overall I had a damn fine Christmas. Even if I did have to do some work. I wasn't planning on it but I had some jobs that were due today. Not much I could do about that.


  1. Glad your Christmas went well, great gifts for you!

  2. Yeah Christmas is done and dusted and I did well got some awesome gifts

  3. We're supposed to get gifts for our bosses?? WHHOOPS


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