Thursday, 22 December 2016

Holidays are Coming

Well Christmas is almost upon us and that means I'm in for a busy few days. In fact I really don't think I'll get to stop before Monday. Tomorrow I'll be catching up on any work I have left over ready to take the weekend off. To be honest I'm kind of tempted to continue working. I actually have an assignment from someone I consult with through email that's basically due whenever I can complete if I get the hankering to do some work. As a freelancer I just feel uncomfortable when I have no work to do. I'm also a very reactionary person. I can feel that I'm about to fail massively because I have no work left shortly before I become overbooked in a matter of hours. I really need to chill the fuck out.
Saturday is going to be busy too, which is one of the reasons I was comfortable taking it off. I'll be heading out to see my sister who moved about half an hour away. She's the one with the kids that actually like me. I'll be dropping their presents off. I actually forgot what I got one of them so I really hope I didn't forget her. I should go check my presents and make sure there is one for her before it's too late. We won't get to see her on the day probably so we're just doing a present exchange now, saying hello to the little ones, and then heading back home. I'll also be volunteering for a few hours before then. My boss plans to hand out some free presents to small children and have a small party-type thing in the stockroom. Handing out presents and free food? Sign me right the fuck up.

Never turn down free food.

The big day itself will be kind of hectic but somehow less so. I imagine, but have not had it confirmed, that we'll be heading to my mum's to exchange pleasantries and gifts. Then we'll be heading to my other sister's house as she's the one who'll actually be feeding us. I hope she has turkey given that she's asked for us to bring her some chickens. Christmas is the only time I get to enjoy cooked turkey so I like to make the most out of it. We'll eat, drink, be merry, and then head home. When I get home it's incredible how quickly the holiday mood ends. To be honest Christmas ends for me as soon as I get home. That's just kinda it. Ah well.

No idea what I'm doing for New Year's. My guess is "nothing" unless my boss has something on and invites me. I haven't done anything for New Year's since my neighbours moved out years ago.


  1. The holiday feel probably ends just like that because hoping around from place to place, socializing and eating good food has gotten you pretty drained. That's how it works for me at least.

  2. Merry Christmas Mark, thanks for being my blog friend this year!

  3. You: "Santa, this year I just want to chill the fuck out. Can you help me with that?"
    Santa, gift-wrapping some Xanax: "I gotchu, fam."

    May you have an awesome Christmas, Mark, and may you also get your wish (the non-medicated way)!

  4. "Holidays"? That's not a thing in the UK yet is it? Hope you have an awesome Christmas mate. Enjoy!

  5. Have a great Christmas, Mark, and ENJOY THAT TURKEY!

  6. Hope you have a Happy Christmas and some good turkey!

  7. Christmas in tomorrow, today I am having a Christmas Eve lunch for my daughters and grandchildren as they have other plans for tomorrow. I hope you have a great day


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