Monday, 19 December 2016

Facts About Me Through Versatility

Every so often I receive one of those Blogger awards that are handed out quite a bit. Just last week I was handed the Versatile Blogger award by The Captain, who also had some very nice words to say about me. Which is always good.  I don't get a whole lot of praise, and it's just always nice to hear you're doing something people enjoy. Anyway, apparently I have to list 7 facts about myself. So here are some facts about me. I'm actually running out of facts because of how many times I've received similar accolades.

1. This year marks the first time I ate Dominos pizza. It's pretty good but I'm not sold on it being worth as much as they charge for it. Especially when I have five pizza places around me that are all cheaper. I shouldn't be eating pizza anyway.

2. I have over 200 games. Probably over 300 if you include my digital collection. I used to have more but some games have just vanished over the years, which is a real shame because I've lost some great games that have gone on to be pretty rare and expensive. So I can't replace them.

3. There was a time I forgot what a song in my collection was called and, because it was a random indy song and I couldn't just google the lyrics, I decided to listen to my entire (week-long) collection of music on shuffle to find it. It took about three days.

4. In a bizarre twist of bad luck both myself and my boss's boyfriend have bought my boss the same Christmas present. He mentioned to me that he wanted to get the first Pokemon movie but it was expensive. This year they released a collector's edition of the first three. I picked it up on Blu-Ray and my boss's boyfriend got it him on DVD.

5. I actually finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Despite my earlier claims I finished before December there was one friend who constantly changed her mind about what she wanted. So I finally bought her present yesterday after settling on just one thing.

6. Even though I've gained some weight lately (okay a lot of weight) my suit still fits. I wore it just last week to the office Christmas meal.

7. Despite my gothic appearance and demeanour, especially when I was younger, the only time I've been to a music concert of any kind was when I went to a Christian music concert. At the end of the show they had audience members who wanted to (I want to stress it was completely voluntary) offer their lives to God. They also gave out free bibles. It was a surprisingly fun show.

Apparently I'm supposed to pass this on to fifteen other people or something. I know you guys have all had stuff like this before so hey, if you feel like sharing then why not use this is an excuse to like I did?

Thanks again to the Captain.


  1. Interesting and unique facts for this fun meme!

  2. Congrats, Mark! You came up with 7 really good factoids. It always stumps me what to say when I have to do that.

  3. Great stuff. I used to love pizza, back when I could eat pizza. Dominos wasn't my favorite, either.

  4. I am not a fan of Dominoes pizza but they are the only pizza place near me so I don't buy pizza very often not worth what they charge.

  5. I loved the facts and love your work. Keep up the blogging and look forward to more of the same.


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