Thursday, 8 December 2016

Driving Again

Seems strange to write about my driving lessons two posts in a row but it's not like I have much else to do. I got lucky on Tuesday when my driving lesson was because I decided to have a bath before and, let me tell you, baths always take it out of me. The only time I've involuntarily passed out is after a bath. So for like 20 minutes after the bath I was ready to go back to sleep and not move. Thankfully it passed by the time I was sat in the middle of a ton of steel moving at 50MPH.

The lesson actually went really well, even though I was driving in fog for most of it. Driving in fog is much easier than it looks. I just need to keep a better eye out for things. Even Martin was complimenting that my confidence appeared to have improved. Confidence and focus are the two things holding me back as a driver. If anything that's what's holding me back in every aspect of life. I need to be more focused and I need to be more confident. I proved with the hazard perception tests that I can focus on the road, and I proved in my lesson on Tuesday I can be a confident driver. I just need to be better at doing it all the time.

A good chunk of the lesson was dedicated to bay parking. That was the manoeuvre of the day this time. To practice it I drove up to the "local" (about 20-30 minutes away) Morrissons, which is also where my mother shops. She wasn't there on Tuesday though.

Let me tell you; parking is somehow both easier and more difficult than it looks. It's a simple matter of physics. If you start reversing a couple of bays out you will always land perfectly inside your chosen bay. The problem is that if you reverse too quickly or turn too slowly you end up missing. I tried it three times overall. The first went well, and the second two went okay. Martin also taught me how to correct my positioning should I do it wrong. That way if I mess up on my test I can keep calm and just ask if I should correct my position. An instructor will either tell me I can, or that it's alright becuase they've seen enough and they know I'm a competent driver. Apparently they do give some leeway for mistakes and you don't need to make 100% of the shots you take. Which is nice.

There was one scary moment where a truck got a little too close to my back bumper, and then another where I found myself sandwiched between two trucks, but overall the lesson went well and I'm making excellent progress.

I really need to hurry up and pass my theory test.


  1. hope you get your licence before the bad weather really sets in!

  2. I used to hate parking. Now that I have the back-up camera, it's a whole new ball game.

  3. Way to go, Mark! I'm a world class parallel parker but absolute shite when it comes to parking in a stall bounded by pillars, posts or other obstacles. I've damaged so many headlights, side view mirrors, bumpers and fenders that way, it's downright criminal.

  4. Do you have to be able to parallel park for your final driving test? I hate parallel parking but living in Boston I don't really have a choice. I'm fine just pulling in and out of regular spots but never reverse in. Much rather reverse out.


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