Thursday, 17 November 2016

Turning The Road

My last driving lesson this past Tuesday was a little more interesting than usual. For a start it was a little later than I thought. For some reason I was under the impression it was at one but it was at half one. Then it turned out Martin, my instructor, parked the car facing the wrong way. So I would have to pull out in to traffic and past an ambulance to boot. It actually wasn't that bad, and it wouldn't even be the first time that I drove across the road that lesson.

We headed out to our usual place, but we did something new this time. Martin decided it was time that I learn my first maneuver. He rescheduled my lesson because he didn't want me driving in the dark but yeah, let's do maneuvers. The maneuver in question was the three-point turn. Martin said that it's now been re-christened turning the road. At least I think that's what he said. It was either that or "turn in the road". Both of which would kinda make sense. If you don't know a three-point turn is basically when you turn right across the middle of the road, reverse to the left,  and then turn to the right again to drive down the opposite side of the road that you were on before.
We only had time to try it twice because the road in question was too close to a bus stop. So after attempting the turn I would need to drive around the block rather than attempt another turn and end up where I originally started. The turns themselves were not actually all that awful. I was able to make the turn in three turns both times, but I hit the kerb when reversing both times, and I didn't turn the wheel fast enough. Hitting the kerb would be a pretty big demerit during a test, so I need to work on that one. It's kind of tough because you have to turn the wheel as fast as possible, but you have to move the car ridiculously slowly. So part of you is trying to move quickly while another part is trying to take it easy. 

For my next lesson we'll be doing a little more work on clutch control and making the car move at walking speed, which should help a lot with maneuvers.That's scheduled for Tuesday. Wednesday is when the new Pokemon game comes out, and Friday is when I get a new laptop and I have a doctors appointment.

Man I'm gonna have a busy week.


  1. Great to learn that you are progressing well with your driving lessons. I don't like busy weeks, but it means you are getting things done!

  2. See? You're getting there. (:
    Also, "Wednesday is when the new Pokemon game comes out"? That's news to me, since I've tried to keep my life spoiler-free. I'm tempted to, uh, obtain those as soon as I can, but I may be better off waiting it out a bit. So many other things to do.

  3. I nearly forgot what a 3 point turn was. One day when I have to take the driving test again I could stand for some reviewing.

  4. The three point turn is easier if the road is wide, around here there are some really narrow roads and then the three point turn is a little more tricky


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