Monday, 7 November 2016

Still No Fatalities While Driving

I mentioned last Friday that I was going to talk about my driving lesson today so screw it we're going with that. My instructor decided to try something new this week. As well as just driving around he thought it was time I tackled zebra crossings. I don't know if they have a different name in America but basically it's the crossing from the Abbey Road Beatles cover.
There are so many conspiracy theories about this one image
Basically the law states that when you drive up to one of these crossings you need to slow down in case someone crosses. You don't need to stop unless someone actually does cross though. The second someone puts one toe on the crossing you have to stop. So now that we've had a quick lesson about zebra crossings let's get back to the lesson.

My instructor knew a section of road that had about five of these in succession. It was a busy shopping area too so there was a lot of going slow and clutch control. It was actually a great place to practice some key driving skills. There was even another uphill start at a traffic light. Let me tell you that taking deep breaths didn't calm me down that time. I did well though. I did the best I could and got off to the right start.

As I was driving along the road I had to stop at almost all of the crossings. People are idiots. I'm sure some of these people wanted to be run over. But I kept my cool, drove slowly, and stopped when I needed to. Except for one time where I noticed a woman but, for some reason, failed to stop for her. My instructor has pedals on his side of the car so he took care of it. So that was nice of him. Actually during our first lesson he told me that his job was not to instruct me, but to keep me safe. So no one died!

He actually told me he had one girl who lost her license before she could get it. The way it works is that if you get six points on your provisional license before passing your practical exam you lose your license. This girl sped the car and then crashed it (two separate incidents) and lost her provisional license. So I'm not the worst student he's ever had.

Last week was the first time I was pipped by another driver though. I can't remember the exact situation but I was pipped. Oh and there was some moron who overtook me into oncoming traffic. My instructor told me to slow down a little and let him pass and it's a good job I did or he'd have been hit for being an impatient git. Ah well.

My next lesson is on Thursday again. Let's continue this "Don't bloody kill anyone" streak I've got going on.


  1. Interesting about the zebra crossings, sounds like you are getting good practice!

  2. There's a lot of angry people out there, be careful!

  3. In the almighty words of some song by a practically non-existent Dutch band my dad did audio management for: "You're too afraid, but you already knew that of yourself anyway."
    The song's in Dutch, so that's a very rough translation, but it actually fits your bill surprisingly well. Yes, the song is about driving lessons.
    Again though, things went well. Remember that the next time. If you manage to do this many more times without killing someone, then surely that means you're safe enough to be let loose onto the wild, wild roads.

  4. Still no fatalities? Don't give up hope. There's still time.
    Wait. I probably could have worded that better.

  5. Just always remember the words of my old driving instructor, "driving is a privilege, not a right". As long as you always drive with respect for others you'll succeed.

    BTW, sorry to be a spelling nazi but it's licence not license.


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