Monday, 14 November 2016

It's a Good Feeling

I'm tired of being so damn negative all the time. I got reasons to be down, sure, but I got reasons to feel good too. I would say one of those reasons really hit me over the week. See, I've been so overworked that I've been working 8-12 hour days in order to get everything done. It's slowly driving me insane and I've undoubtedly put some weight on (again) but I also had one of those eye opening moments that keep you going.

I found myself thinking about how awesome it feels, if not a little weird, to be so good at something that people are willing to pay me to do it. That's what I do. That's the essence of being a freelancer. I'm so good at this that, out of the millions (okay probably hundreds or thousands) of people who do what I do, the client chose me.

They are happy with my work. They come back for more.

They pay me for doing it, and it feels pretty good. Even though I've been doing what I do for a few years now I've never really had that feeling. I've had people tell me that they're the best writer they've worked with, and I've had people who are sad that I have to stop working for them. I have people who genuinely like what I do. They place a real monetary value on it.

It really sucks that I'm killing myself with these long days, but the reason for it? That feels pretty good. I wouldn't be working so much if I wasn't good at my job. They say that freelancers set their own hours, but this is only true to a point. Our skills determine our hours, because our skills determine our workload.

When you've got so much work that you're still typing away at two in the morning, then, well, you must be pretty skilled.

Alright I'll stop gushing over myself now.


  1. You are spot on in your self assessment. Try to take short proper breaks and eat well meanwhile, it is important to your continued success!

  2. I believe that shows that you enjoy it and find the work rewarding. If you've got something that you keep doing (almost pathologically, it sounds like) AND you get paid for it?

    Very cool.

  3. "people who are sad that I have to stop working for them"
    Use that. You're working hella long days, cut that down. Timebox yourself do a "normal" workday of 8 hours, maybe 9 if you want. Then, two things can happen: you have to up the time it takes for you to fulfill a request, and/or you have to cut clients. This is not a bad thing. People want you, *you* specifically, so it wouldn't surprise me if they'd pay more for your services. People depend on you, desire you, so use that. Make more money doing less work. You've got a business! (:

    1. "people who are sad that I have to stop working for them"
      So yeah, use that. Only stop working for them if they aren't willing to pay you to stick to them. Others will, so it's their loss.

  4. What Mark said. Supply and demand exists for a reason. No need to kill yourself over the supplying when the demand is obviously there.

    And also, cheers to having a job that you love and that you're so good at! That's really hard to find. So yes, gush on. I hate negativity. Bring on those warm, mushy positive posts.

  5. You have a talent that people appreciate and are willing to pay for it, that's good!

  6. I'll third the point. Set your hours and stick to them, work to live - not live to work.

  7. I think it's a very big deal that you do this work and then people come back to you wanting more. Like you say, it's great that they're happy with what you do and it's certainly something to be positive about.


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