Friday, 18 November 2016

I Thought Yesterday was Friday

I'm not kidding. I had to remind myself numerous times that it was only Thursday. I guess it's because I didn't go out with Paul or anything so it set my mental clock askew. That happens sometimes.

They know what they did. And now so does everyone else. 

I actually don't spend all that long creating characters
I'd eat them. I'm a monster. 

Thanks sign. 

I loved Scrubs. 

That's pretty far. 
This happens to me a lot. 

My cats don't even use their cat beds. We use them for storage. 

I had some Subway earlier. Not bad. 

Excellent interview technique

Enjoy your weekends folks. For today is actually Friday.


  1. The Mac Cheetos look disturbing. Even though I don't eat things like that, i read an article about them (yeah, really) in which they were called "a failure at every level."

  2. Thanks for the laughs! Happy weekend Mark!

  3. I work shifts including weekends so I spend most days trying to figure out what day it is.

  4. Wait! Yesterday WAS Friday! Oh, hold on. I'm reading this today. Which is Saturday. But, you wrote this yesterday which was Friday. But, you meant Thursday. Which was tw...oh, my head hurts now. Going to get a beer.


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