Friday, 4 November 2016

I Survived

I survived my driving lesson of course. As did everyone else around me. I ain't losing my license before I get it. More details on that on Monday.
Vegans ruin everything! 

Now THIS is a classic British reference

Srsly where the fuck is my Thanksgiving? Even Canada has one

Yes I would like a box of spare cats

That's savage. Dominos pizza is pretty nice though. 

It's a valid question.

I miss my NES :(

I find it funny one of my cats can open doors but the other can't. So one pushes open doors while the other just sits there.

To follow up from the wonderful parenting advice from last week. 

And we finish with a great pun
After having a few days where I haven't been able to work much I'm hoping to get lots of work done over the weekend. Assuming people hire me. I think I don't even have all that much work left to do. Hey, people, hire me!

P.S My fellow Americans (no I'm not really an American) don't forget that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday! Put your clocks back an hour!

P.P.S My fellow Brits; have a great Guy Fawkes' Night tomorrow. Blow something up and eat some damn fine barbecue. I won't be doing anything myself so eat something for me.


  1. Happy Guy Fawkes and thanks for the time change reminder. Don't mind this one where we gain an hour. Thanks for the laughs

  2. It's a Pink Floyd reference!


    More Pink Floyd references, please...

  3. When did barbecue come into Bonfire Night? I didn't get that memo. Traditionally we always have (and have had) jacket potatoes on 5th November.


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