Thursday, 24 November 2016

Hi Fang, Captain, Christine and Angry Lurker

Hey guys. I think it's just the five of us today. You guys are pretty much the only non-American readers I have left unless Debra decides to show up. All the Americans are, of course, eating turkey, pretending they love their families and watching some sportsball game or something. Isn't there some big game on at Thanksgiving or something? Anyway, yeah, they're all away doing better things.

Actually I hear that despite the fact the UK doesn't have a Thanksgiving it is becoming more popular here due to American immigration. This is one of the reasons that supermarkets sell turkeys so early. Corporate greed being another at least. Speaking of corporate greed I will be getting my new laptop today. I considered also getting a FitBit but I have something like that already. I'd only be getting it to have it. At least I actually could do with a new laptop. It just feels weird to use my old laptop to buy my new one. I get so emotionally attached to inanimate objects that it actually feels like getting an ex to choose her replacement.

I wanted to wait until tomorrow but I've got a doctor's appointment and I don't want to be going all the way to the computer shop to have to go all the way back to the doctor's office. Well that's all for now really. I'll have more cool stuff on Monday wherein I talk about my latest driving lesson and how it was the closest I've ever come to crashing. I'm alive, obviously, so you don't need to worry too much.

Have a happy Thanksgiving folks. If you aren't celebrating then there's nothing wrong with being thankful for things. We non-Americans are thankful for things all year long. For example I'm thankful this post will now be ending given that I appear to have hurt my left middle finger and my right ring finger; my typing fingers.



  1. Yes it is a big day in the US, happy Thanksgiving to them! We seem to be having Black Friday sales now, just like in the US.

  2. Yes, here I am, I'm back! No holiday here in Canada, gotta go to work. Enjoy your new laptop -- sweet.

  3. Heh, for a second there I was worried this was one of those horrendous "tag fellow bloggers and tell them to do this" things. Phew!

    "they're all away doing better things."
    Speak for yourself mate, I know I'm going to be playing a bit of vidya tonight. Nothing better!

  4. Wow, I got a mention in the title. Enjoy your new laptop, it'll be like an early Christmas present. I love the idea of an 'ex' choosing their replacement, might suggest it to Morticia (only kidding dear!).


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