Friday, 28 October 2016

Two Days of Live Posts

That's two days in a row I've gone without setting up something beforehand. I'm slipping. 
Solid parenting advice

A way to get revenge on said parents perhaps?

Just in time for Halloween! 

Technically I am the boss of my own company but I have no one I'm in charge of

I'd buy this. I'd buy the fuck out of this. 

I'd also totally hire this guy

I mean, they aren't wrong

Barney sure has changed since I was a kid

Forget the American Election; Windows 10 is a true case of "illusion of choice"

I kind of want a kid called Cain but, you know, the implications
I'll actually be spending tomorrow with my nieces at a farm park, which should be pretty cool. Last time I went there I got to hold an owl, which was fucking awesome. 
It was so soft and barely weighed anything....unlike me.


  1. The Pizza Slut isn't bad, but you should see the DominHoes.

    Also, I am forever envious of you getting to hold an owl. That smile says everything. How can you not smile like that while holding that cute little bastard?

  2. Thanks for the laughs and have fun tomorrow!

  3. I love that precious series of pictures of the dog climbing over your dad lol!


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