Monday, 3 October 2016

My First Driving Lesson

So last Thursday I had my first driving lesson in a while, and I said I'd tell you about it if I survived. I survived so now I'm going to tell you about my first driving lesson. Funny how that works.

We got started out by heading to the industrial estate I used to have driving lessons in where my instructor, Martin, laid down some of the basic stuff for me. During this time we were accosted by three stray cats. I'm not kidding three random ass cats came up to the car and started meowing at us. They even went away and then came back later at one point.

After talking for around forty minutes (proving that a two hour lesson was a good thing) I fired up the car and started driving. Martin said that the industrial area was actually a terrible place to drive. So it's kind of impressive that I was driving around there so well. He said that we would be driving in area nearby which is where the test centre is. See, during a driving test they don't get too far away from the test centre so it's good to drive around that area. That way I get used to the area and I'll be driving around there smoothly by the time I do the test.

I drove from the industrial estate to the McDonalds near me about 3 miles away. I didn't think the drive went as smoothly as it could (I stalled three times) but it was the first time I'd been driving in a while. So that was understandable. When we pulled up Martin told me that I'd actually driven much better than I thought and that the road we were driving on was pretty bad for a learner driver. "Excellent" was his exact word. Which is always nice.

One problem I have right now is steering. When you steer a car you aren't supposed to cross your hands. You're supposed to move the wheel by passing it through your hands if that makes sense. Martin suggested that I practised with a dinner plate, which is roughly the size of a steering wheel. But I'm a millenial who plays video games. That's not how we do shit.

I picked up a steering wheel for my Xbox.

I actually spent days trying to find one in the stores near me, before I found one in Barnardos. Another plus of volunteering! I was trying to find one for my 360 because I have about 10 racing/driving games for that thing, but one for the regular Xbox will be fine. I just didn't want to buy one online so it was a case of beggars can't be choosers.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a lesson booked this week because Martin is just that bloody busy but I do have a dentists appointment on Thursday, which is going to cost about as much as a lesson. So it's not such a bad thing I couldn't get a driving lesson booked. My next one is scheduled for next Tuesday, so I'll tell you how it goes.


  1. Sounds like a good start! That was a smart idea to buy a steering wheel for your x-box to get used to manipulating one.

  2. Debra is right. It's also a smart idea because crashing on x-box is much more fun than crashing an actual car.

    Hope it all goes well!

  3. Oh are you learning manual where you have to shift the gears?

  4. An impressive start! So are you going to practice on something like GTA? Because I will tell you right now that that's probably as accurate of a driving simulation as you're going to get (well, at least for the drivers here in America).

  5. A great start just don't forget to give those cyclists room, one might be me!

  6. Good luck! Driving can be pretty awesome, like when you're on a road trip.

  7. I can't remember much of my driving lessons, I was taught mostly by Tim and my dad gave me a few lessons before I met Tim then I went through a driving school for 6 lessons before I sat the test. I have taught 6 people how to drive though

  8. Well done for getting back on the driving horse Mark. Honestly it sounds to me like you did a good job with it so I hope that you don't stay away from learning for longer than a fortnight. Keep at it buddy.

  9. I remember my first driving lesson. It was great, except we had to stop and feed the horse. And those Indian attacks were a bit much.

  10. I remember my first driving lesson. It was great, except we had to stop and feed the horse. And those Indian attacks were a bit much.


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