Friday, 16 September 2016

The Infographic is In!

You might remember a while ago I teamed up with a lovely woman called Kate and hosted Freelancing Week. I mentioned that some of the things I said would be going into an infographic. Well that infographic is finally finished and Kate emailed it to me a few days ago. I normally post pictures on Friday so I thought I'd show that off instead. It's still a picture, aye?
I'm a little sad I wasn't quoted directly but I am listed as a contributor down there at the bottom. You can see my name at least! So that's good. Plus I did it to have fun, not so much to get infographic famous.

Remember that if you are a freelancer and you've had trouble putting invoices together there are a lot of tools out there you can use such as this Invoice Generator/Template. Get your invoices made and get yourself paid! In the meantime; I hope you all have a good weekend. I'm going back to Skegness for *one last trip*. This time we're taking my younger sister. I haven't been on a day trip with her in years.


  1. Fyi, if you click the image you get shown a larger version, but it's still small enough to make the text hard to read.
    Looks like its production was a success though, hurray!

  2. Looks good. I'd love to do a bit on the side (work obviously) but we have to clear it with my primary employer. A very complex process.

  3. congrats on the infographic and have a great family weekend!


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