Thursday, 1 September 2016

My Cats Are On Steroids. Again.

So I mentioned on Monday that I was taking one of my cats to the vets because she had a nasty cut on her side. Because it was the day after the day after the bank holiday things were pretty busy there. The cat waiting area was actually full, including a cute little kitten. When it meowed our Moo Moo meowed back and it was super cute.
Although as always I felt guilty about putting her in her cat carrier. Until she scratched up my arm.
Annoyingly we showed up around half an hour early and were seen a quarter of an hour late. I didn't mind too much but I did feel bad for poor Moo Moo who was in her carrier for over an hour. As per usual it was hard to get her out and she was quick to jump back in once we were actually at the vet. The vet gave her a look over and told us that she was likely allergic to fleas. Kadie also has a bit of a flea allergy but apparently Mooms's is worse. Which is why she was bleeding over it but Kadie never got that bad. She gave us some cat steroids and some fancy pants flea tablets for her. I was able to give her the steroid but I've had no luck giving either of them the flea tablets yet. It's easy to pill a cat. But you can only do it when they're actually around. Because the weather is still warm Moo Moo and Kadie spend most of their days outside sunning themselves.

If you're curious about how to give a cat a pill here's a quick lesson; there are three ways to go around it. Four if you use a pill syringe. I have one but I'm no good with it. So I prefer the manual method. The easiest way is to bring in a second person. One person sits with the cat on their lap facing forward. This is to prevent the cat from backing away and getting out of reach. The other person approaches from the front and massages the cats cheeks, right where the "ends" of their mouth is. I can't think of a better word for it. If you massage and press down at that point it causes the cat to open it's mouth. Simple reflexology. At that point you drop the pill in and massage the cat's throat until they swallow the pill. They'll likely spit it out a few times but eventually they'll give up and swallow it.

The middle difficulty method is to basically do that with one person. Sit down, face the cat forward, hold their head in place. Massage the cheeks, pop the pill, massage the neck. It's more difficult because you have to hold on tighter, which means you can't massage the cheeks or hold the pill as easily.

Hard mode is to just try and grab them and make them open their mouth. This is what I had to resort to yesterday. When I fed her I held her in place using my feet, leaned down, and managed to get the pill in her mouth. I felt bad about interrupting her feeding time but hey, I did try putting it in her food. She just ate around it. So it's partly her fault.

I suppose that's one of the advantages of dogs. They're dumb enough to eat anything you give them. A cat is smart enough (and annoying enough) to just eat around medicine.


  1. I never thought about giving cats their pills, interesting read. I remember how hard it was giving Meds to babies.

  2. Poor kitties! I hope they feel better soon if you're able to get those pills into them. Thank goodness I never had to pill HRH. It's the only reason I'm still alive today, I'm sure.

  3. I thought you could also just put/mix the pills into their food, and they'd generally gobble it up? Idk, I'm not a cat person.
    But look at this fine feline physique, truly the stuff of dreams. Grow swole, you two!

    1. I don't want to crush it into their food in case they don't get all of it, but you can't just put the pill in the food. They'll taste it and not eat it. One time I put a pill in a piece of chicken and gave it to Kadie. She ate the whole thing except for the pill, which she left on the floor. After Moo Moo broke the flea tablet I had to put it in her food and thankfully she did it this time. She doesn't chew her food as much as Kadie so just pushing it into her food might be something I can do with her.

  4. Yikes. I hope she feels better soon. I've tried all of those methods, and none of them are easy. Funny how an 8 lb cat suddenly has the strength of a 200 lb. man when all you want to do is get a pill down their mouth.

    1. Earlier on, when I thought I had achieved success, it turned out she had just hidden it under her tongue. She spat it out after I let go of her. Cheeky bitch. They need to make fish flavoured cat medicine, like how they make kids medicine taste so delicious to get kids to drink it.

      Man I miss banana flavoured medicine.


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