Monday, 12 September 2016

It's Been 7 Years

There was something else I wanted to post about today but something happened yesterday that I had to post about. The other post can wait until Thursday. I was volunteering, as I always do on a Sunday, when the subject of staff records came up. I'd been meaning to ask Paul about my staff records for ages because I was curious about how long I'd been working there. It turns out they recently stuck a list of all the volunteers on the wall along with how long they had been working there.

I knew I started working there in September but I was never sure of the exact date or the year that I started. I wasn't sure if it was '09 or '10. Taking a look on the wall showed me that I had been working there since 2009 and my start date was a little later than I thought. I was under the impression that it was in the first week of September but it's actually today. Today marks the seventh year that I have been working with Barnardo's.

Paul was a little surprised it's been that long but it's not too hard to see why. These days I can only volunteer on Sunday afternoons. When a guy only works one day a week it's easy to understand how you could feel he's not been there that long. For the first few years I was volunteering practically every day. I have a lot of memories of that place. Some good and some bad. I've even had my heart broken there. There were also times I went so stir crazy that I had to stop volunteering for a while. Eventually though I would always come back. I've made friends, I've cleaned myself up, and I am happier as a result of working there. Actually before I started volunteering there it had been three or four years since my last haircut. Paul made me get one because my hair was just that much of a mess. I also started dressing well when I started working there. I used to barely ever leave the house so never cared much for my appearance.

I'm still a mess of course, but I'm a slightly smaller mess. I don't regret the time I've spent there and I consider it a shame that I don't to spend more time there. Unfortunately my schedule just doesn't allow it really. I can barely find a few hours for myself these days, never mind a few hours for someone else.

I would say though, that if you get the chance, you should consider volunteering. I've seen too many people come and go in my time there. The current generation is a selfish one. They preach about charity but they are not really willing to participate themselves. If you get the chance then please do donate something to your local charity shop; whether it be your clothes, your shoes, your unwanted books and games, or just your time.


  1. Well done you. We always donate to local charity shops but sadly I don't get much free time. I have a big work related anniversary coming next month which obviously I'll be blogging about.

  2. Good for you Mark, great advice too.

  3. It sounds like it's been a positive experience for you overall. I find volunteering to be really rewarding even when it's frustrating. I'm glad there are so many people out there doing something like that.

  4. Seven years is a long time for a volunteer! You're right -- people come and go constantly. Good for you!

  5. If I ever make bank enough to retire, or just retire because of old age, I can definitely see myself volunteering one or two days a week. Gotta give yourself that purpose, that drive, that special something to contribute to. As you know, it helps upholds a good lifestyle.

  6. I think that it is wonderful that you volunteer and to be doing it for seven years is bloody awesome way to go mate

  7. That's awesome. Good for you, and cheers to the anniversary! Even if you only volunteer on Sundays now, it's still a great thing you're doing.

    My wife works full time now, whereas before she used to work part time and volunteer part time, and if she could, she'd go back to the volunteering in a heartbeat. It's so much more satisfying and meaningful than regular work.


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