Friday, 30 September 2016

I Survived My Driving Lesson

Well I obviously survived my driving lesson. I'll tell you all about it on Monday.
Not really funny, but very sweet. Try and find someone who can do this to you. 

It makes me sad this never happened in the show. At least; I don't remember it.

Long live the Queen!

Reason #584 I love Canadia

Me as a ghost

Me as a human

They aren't wrong

I hope I get the chance to say this to my kids.

It's a terrible joke but I love it

More terrible but awesome jokes
Have a great weekend folks!


  1. These are all funny but my faves are the browser history and the t-shirt! If I was a guy, I'd wear one of those.

  2. There was a sketch on Saturday Night Live once where a guy in court could prove an alibi for where he was during the commission of a murder by having his browser history introduced. He just pled guilty instead.

  3. Thanks for the laughs, glad you survived, will wait to hear your stories.

  4. What the hell's the point of breathing all that air if you don't have a puppy to enjoy it with?

  5. I'd rather have a kitten than a puppy. Dogs are too needy.

  6. Hello Mark, greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely quotes and very thought provoking.

    My favorite quote was the first one.
    Very, very true. Flowers really do grow when we meet the person of our dreams. In addition there comes spring in our steps, smile on our face, dream in our eyes,energy in our body and we feel we can accomplish anything in this world.

    Best wishes


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