Friday, 26 August 2016


Despite a shaky start and a less than stellar ending that saw me come back to the caravan early because I was too tired and stressed to deal with all the noise, the middle of my day went pretty damn well really. I was able to go to Natureland and take two of the niecebeasts with me. My phone now has over 200 seal pictures on it (I let one of the nieces take photos for me while I held the other) so here are a select few.

I'm not sure if they were sunning themselves or posing

"Paint me like one of your French girls"

They only wave when the feeder makes them. He got one to spin too.

The babies especially look like dogs.

Here's a random penguin pretending to be a duck. One of the penguins was actually nesting and it was pretty cool.

The one on the left looks like he's tired of the one on the right's bullshit

I don't know what they laced the fish with but he seems to like it

Because they recognise him as the giver of food the babies follow him all around the pool. It's really cute. Every year they follow him around rather than stealing from the bucket he leaves at the entrance. I thought seals were supposed to be smart.

This one enjoyed swimming upside down

I got to go on the boat this year! It was pretty fun.

"Gibs me dat fish yo"
The niecebeasts we still have with us are trying to get me to go on the rides with them tonight. If you don't hear anything from me on Monday assume I died. I'm only half kidding. I'm still a hefty dude so I can't go on most of what they want me to and and even some of the things I can go on would probably kill me.


  1. Those are some qt seals, but their enclosures seem a bit small don't they? Not much room to zip-zoom through the water like they should be doing. But the pictures don't give a good overview, so maybe they're doing alright in there?

  2. Seals always seem like such NICE creatures. And a penguin? BONUS!

  3. I give this post my seal of approval!

  4. Jimmy Fungus gets my award for Greatest Bad Pun of the week.

    His pun does not in any way overshadow or diminish your cute pictures, though.

  5. They do a lot of good work at Natureland and I know they rescue and if possible set free any seal they can. The place doesn't seem to have changed at all since I was a kid, let alone when I last visited (which must be about 10 years ago).

  6. great photos, looks like you had a good time!

  7. That pretty much looks like the cutest place on earth.


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