Monday, 22 August 2016

Live From the Caravan

Greetings everyone. Unfortunately I didn't find the time to make those weird ass posts you all requested before I left. Rather than disappear for a whole week I figured I'd stick aroud in a very basic form. I have a lot of data to use but unfortunately the connection is pretty bad. I achieve speeds of 0.5mb/s a second at the best of times. To put that into context I'm used to speeds of at least 25-30mb/s. Yesterday in the town centre, using the same connection, I got up to 40mb/s. It's strange how the internet speeds on the same network can be so disproportionate by travelling just a few miles. It was ten minutes away by car and the internet was around 100 times faster. Lesson learned; next year stay a little closer to the town centre.

It's good enough for me to do my work at least. I can get online when I have to and I won't be chipping away at the mobile data on my phone which is a good thing. I just can't do a whole lot else. I'm not really able to do google research which is why I'm not just doing the suggested posts anyway now that I'm here. I'll save that for another time.

I'm not too sure what I'll be doing today but either Wednesday or Thursday I shall be going to see the seals. Which I always enjoy. We're not sure on the day yet because my sister may be able to come down for the day and her kids love it there so we'll obviously go when she's here if we can.

Feels weird to not schedule a post. 


  1. You feel weird not scheduling posts now, but soon you'll become used to it and unable to go back to how things were. It's a way of life.
    Also, what kind of network are you on that has a range of "a few miles" that isn't mobile data?

    1. I'm on EE. I just verified on Google Maps. I'm literally 2.5 miles away from where I was yesterday where the speed reached 40mb/s. I'm sat here with a connection that picks up and drops at a whim. It was actually pretty good last year which is why I went with EE and I'm basically the same place I was. So I really don't know what happened.

  2. Haha... We'll probably still be around to read your stuff when you get back.

  3. Haven't been to Natureland in years. Enjoy.

  4. Nas is wrong. We won't be here. We want pre-scheduled posts, OR NOTHING AT ALL.

    Nah, just kidding. Like heroin addiction, we'll be right back every single time, so you could pretty much do whatever you want. Enjoy those seals.

  5. Well at least we know you are not dead


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