Thursday, 25 August 2016

I'm Off To See The Seals

Turns out my sister could come after all. So I'm going to see the seals today. It'll be more fun too because I'll have one of the youngling niecebeasts with me. She loves them almost as much as I do and the only way to truly enjoy something is to do it with someone who enjoys it as much as you. Especially a child.

Apparently I'm in a spot of bother with my sister for telling her child that I'm currently on holiday with that she'll be coming. She's someone who likes everything to be a surprise but we plan shit out days in advance and, even after I tell the kids what we're doing, they still ask me every day what we're doing. What did she expect me to say? Plus I wanted to give them some advanced warning. If my sister came and their room was a mess and they were asleep the first thing she would do is yell at them and the day would be off to a terrible start. She's told my niece that she couldn't make it today after all (she is coming) so the surprise is back on, as is the terrible start to the day.

The seals will help.

Expect tomorrow's post to be about 90% seal pictures.

According to my trip in the TARDIS we're looking at about 95% seal pictures


  1. Enjoy this wonderful family time Mark!

  2. If you have a TARDIS - and it appears you do - you shouldn't wait. Grab everybody and go now.

    Hell, forget regular old seals. Go see some Space Seals from the Future!

  3. Have fun and enjoy the seals! Love that term "niecebeasts"!

  4. Just seals, or is it an aquatic zoo? Cool stuff, we have one of those in my city (it's actually well-known in the Netherlands, wow) and we always had a blast there as kids. They changed 'em up though and they no longer have the huuuge slides, so that's kind of a disappointment. The dolphins are still cool though!


  6. Enjoy the seals. We saw some on our holiday laid on some rocks.

    BTW can I borrow that Tardis after you? I need to drop it off with my future self (he has a task to complete) - as per my last blog post!


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