Monday, 8 August 2016

Freelancing Week AMA Answers Part 3

This ended up lasting longer than a week after all. I'm going to be sad when I'm done with all this because it'll be back to struggling to think up topics to blog about!

Debra asked me if people always give me an idea of what they want me to write about/say or if I have to do some research. More often than not the client will provide me with plenty of information. Even so I almost always have to do a little research. I actually charge people for doing a lot of research because it takes more time than you'd think. Sometimes though I have clients who just give me a few keywords or just a title and say "Okay write about that". Just last week I had someone ask me to write an article based on the keyword "men's hairstyles". That's it. That's all they gave me. So I wrote an article about the trending hairstyles for men.

Pro tip; short back and sides is always fashionable. Always. My own long hair will almost never be fashionable again. Mullets need to make a comeback.

Francis asked about my pricing and how much I can earn. I have a pretty simple pricing plan; $1 per 100 words (or $5 for 500 words) for original articles and $5 for 600 words on rewrites. Right now I'm earning about as much as I would on a part time job. Last month I earned around £700. I am also still working on a part time schedule though. I earn roughly $15 an hour depending on how motivated I am.

There's not a whole lot of earning potential when you get started. Overall there is a lot of earning potential in freelancing though. Especially if you do a damn good job. I see people who charge $5 for 200 words. If I got the same amount of work I do now at that price I'd be earning about three times as much as I currently do. But I don't want to charge that much. I doubt my pricing scheme is likely to change right now.

Voice work is something I could charge more for if I got good though. My voice over friend who I mentioned in the last post charges $5 for 200 words. He started out at $5 for 500 words and he earns a fair amount of money. He's got a great voice too so really I can see him quitting his job by the end of next year and living off of his voice over work. He's already transitioned into being an extra in movies.


Final question! Unless more questions got asked in the comments to my old posts.

Our good Captain asked me if I have, or plan to have, a home office. I basically live out of my bedroom. I even used to have a fridge in here before I decided I needed the room and moved it out into the hallway. One side of my room has my bed and the other has my desk. My desk has my microphone and pop screen on it along with a desk fan for staying cool. I do all of my work on my laptop. Actually I do everything on my laptop because my "gaming" laptop broke down. I'm going to try and hold on to this one until November at least because Black Friday is a thing over here now too.

There is a shed on my backyard but it's where my brother keeps his shit. I planned on using the cupboard under the stairs for recording but that plan was quickly put aside when I took a look inside it. It would be nice to have an actual home office but right now all the rooms in my house, despite it being a three bedroom house with a loft, are occupied or uninhabitable. I'm working on it though so maybe one day I will have a bedroom and an office instead of a bedroom/office.

Well I hope you enjoyed learning more about freelancing and my experiences as a freelancer. I know I definitely had a lot of fun writing about it. Now to spend far too long trying to transition back into being a regular blogger. I don't even remember the last non-freelancing related post I made. 


  1. What do you need a fridge in your bedroom and/or hallway for? Fridges go in the kitchen, leaving them outside of their natural habitat for too long induces stress and can cause them to die an early death.
    Also, you've had two weeks to think of new and interesting topics, I'm sure you'll find something worth writing about again! (:

  2. You wrote a whole article based on the two word prompt "men's hairstyles"? Hey, maybe you should ask us for one or two word prompts and then you'll do a blog post on that topic! Here's a couple off the top of my head -- "mysterious ailments" and "favourite shampoos."

  3. maybe you should do a study on how to market your freelancing work into more of a full time job, you seem to enjoy it.

  4. The mullet still rules. Especially if you're a fan of ice hockey.

  5. It's been a long while since I had a 'hair style'. I love Debra's idea - I'm seconding that one!

  6. That's awesome that you're making a fairly steady income off of it, and that you're nailing vague, two word prompts. And we third Deb's suggestion. "Jiggliest animals" and "Angriest robots". Annnnnd... go?

  7. Your prices are very reasonable. When I was a hack freelancer for Navy Times, I got a dime per word.
    I think they got screwed.

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