Monday, 1 August 2016

Freelancing Week Addendum; Ask Me Anything!

Well with Freelancing Week out of the way I decided I would keep it around for one more week out of my own volition. I enjoyed writing and talking about freelancing. It's something I've never really been asked to discuss before. So it was a lot of fun. With that in mind I decided I wanted to talk about it for just a little longer.

Indulge me, eh?

I love Canadia
So to that end I thought I would open up the floor to questions. If you've ever had questions about freelancing, or about me freelancing in particular, then now is the time to ask them. I expect I might already have some questions in the comments to the posts from last week.

Full disclosure; I am writing this on the 19th. Hello from the past!

So I'll be compiling any and all questions I receive as well as any questions asked through this post. So if you've ever wondered why I started freelancing, why the heck I still do it, what my schedule is like, or have any other questions about me (it can be about me and not just freelancing; it is ask me *anything* after all) and answering everything on Thursday. Possibly Friday too if I get enough questions.

Man I hope some people ask me some questions. Or this will just be embarrassing.

 1/8/2016 Edit:
Fang asked about troublesome clients; I've had a few of those and will discuss them
Fang Also asked about how to stay motivated when bad at your job or when unrecognised; I have experience in that too. So feck it we'll get into that too.
Fang also asked if I ever took on unpaid work for friends/anyone to fill up my profile; that will be adressed

It's always Fang with the questions; but he does ask interesting ones.


  1. So... my answers will come in the shape of separate posts? You're welcome. ;D

  2. what was your favourite freelance work that you have done, why, and how could you have made it better

  3. What's the most difficult topic you've ever had to write on? Does the publisher always provide you with the gist of what they want you to say, or do you have to do any research?

  4. Your pricing, how much can be earned?

  5. Do you have/plan to have a home office/shed? I can't imagine combining my home/work life.

  6. what is the weirdest freelance project you have been asked to do?

    ha. i hope it was a fun one.


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