Monday, 29 August 2016

Back Home. Didn't Die.

Well despite the worrying nature of the end of my post on Friday I didn't die. I didn't actually end up going to the amusement park with my nieces. Well, we did go, but we didn't go in the evening. We went during the afternoon and I dicked around in the arcade for a few hours rather than go on the rides and risk death. I finally beat one of the driving games there, so that felt pretty good. I also got to go on the beach during the evening and see a beautiful sunset so I didn't mind that I didn't stay at the amusement park until late like we usually do each year.
My new phone has a panorama feature; do yourself a favour and look at the full version!
 I did still go on some rides though. I took a trip on the Big Wheel which was a stupid mistake because I'm legit terrified of heights. I have trouble sitting on walls because if my feet aren't on the ground then I'm uncomfortable. It went fine until I stopped at the top of the wheel. See, to let people off and on the ride the controller moves it just enough to open up each "cage" and let people in and out. So you stop at the top and slowly work your way back around. The only problem is it rocked when it stopped. A lot. I did get some lovely views from up there though.

Pleasure Beach, Skegness.
 I also went on the Log Flume when we took a trip to Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island is like a proper amusement park whereas Pleasure Beach is kind of a stationary carnival. That's the best way I can describe it. You've got all the fun of the carnival and stalls and games and thrill rides and all that. Whereas Fantasy Island has a touch of everything. Next year I'm looking to find a caravan near there and we'll buy the girls all-week wristbands (they pay for themselves if we go three times) and, to be honest, I might get one for myself. There are plenty of nice and normal rides, along with the terrifying shit they went on because they're stupid kids.
This is the log flume.
Coming home did bring some problems though. One of my cats needs a trip to the vet. My brother has been feeding them for me. My eldest niece was supposed to do it but she developed a cat allergy after a few days. Srs. Anyway, when I got home I saw that she had a big red patch on her fur where she's obviously been bleeding. I don't know if she's been into a fight or has had a nasty flea infestation while we've been gone but I'm hoping a vet can take care of it. With luck they'll give her steroids like they gave Kadie when she had a similar problem. Thankfully we took care of it before she got to "bloody fur" stage.

I just hope they don't think we mistreat her. I hate that my cats always have fleas no matter how much I treat them and spray down the house. I feel like that parent whose kid always has lice. Fuck man, I WAS that kid. My mum did everything but I still got lice. Now I'm doing everything and my cats still get fleas.

Fun fact; that's why I like my hair long now. The ultimate solution for lice is the "scorched Earth" tactic of just shaving the head. I would be teased relentlessly when my hair was shaved and I hated how I looked. So now I keep it long.

Today is a bank holiday so Moo Moo may be left waiting until Wednesday at the earliest to see a vet. I'll let y'all know how it goes.


  1. Looks like you had fun at the amusement park! Sorry to hear about your poor cat though.

  2. Oh I love your panoramic photo

  3. Been there so many times in the past but now find it too noisy for my tastes. Plus it's almost impossible to get a decent pint of ale (I don't really drink much but I do enjoy the odd real ale), it's all Carling and John Smiths.

    Glad you had a great time, sorry to here about your cat - hope it's better soon.

    Don't knock the shaved head, I did the hair thing for many years until fate and genetics decided otherwise. I find the smooth noggin to be really liberating.

  4. What "Extreme" thing is the sign at the back advertising? I see a woman in a bra and a guy in a mask.

    I'm been fortunate with my cat for the past couple of years. That's sort of amazing, as the hot season here lasts from March through November. Hope you get it resolved!

  5. I don't go on rides anymore. Most are too scary for me, LOL! Glad you and the girls had fun. I hope poor Moo Moo is better soon!

  6. That's a really nice panorama shot man! It's still phone quality, but composition wise it's sweet, how it fades into darkness off to the right, rotating away from the sun.
    I'd hardly consider myself a stupid child but I still like to challenge myself by going on the "crazy" rides. Gotta exercise the heart, not to mention the adrenaline gland.

  7. The Log Flume is a middle-aged man with a tank top and flip flops? That doesn't sound like a very fun 'ride'.

    Kidding aside, I hope your cat recovers soon. And I know what you mean, I just hate when the vet criticizes me and acts like I abuse my animals. For example, one of my dogs is very skinny (naturally) and I always get the 'you don't feed him enough' talk, even though he eats more than any of the other dogs. I could only imagine what she'd say if I came in and he had fleas.

  8. Well not dying is a good thing, I have not been to an amusement park in years

  9. You must have had a wonderful time with your niece. Wonderful shots!


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