Thursday, 7 July 2016

It's Time For a Change

I recently decided to switch up how my bedroom is arranged. I got the idea a few weeks ago but I wasn't sure I could actually pull it off. So I took out my tape measure, measured everything up, and saw that it was indeed possible. In particular I swapped my bed for my desk and bookshelf.

I also recently re-hung this picture using an actual picture hook this time.
It wasn't a massive change but it still took over a day to sort everything out and I used up four or five bin bags cleaning everything up. I also did all of this on the day I went to the dentist. I've been very busy all week. But what matters is that I got everything done. I even put together two flat pack DVD cabinets. Together with hanging the picture this is the most DIY stuff I've done outside of painting my room.

They're still in one piece
I changed things around so that I could sleep easier. I have blackout curtains but, in a stupid moment, I didn't stop to consider that the curtains would need to be a little bigger than the window. As it was a lot of light was still coming in from the sides and bottom of the curtains, and my bed was to the side. Now it's against the wall opposite the window and, with my desk in front of the window, I have a great view when working and the curtains are held in place.

There are only two problems that have arisen. The first is that I can no longer reach my bedroom window. I've fixed this problem already by using a broom handle. The other problem is a little more concerning. Somehow I managed to get dust everywhere while I was cleaning up. I've been sneezing a lot for the past few days and last night I had real trouble breathing. It's a good job I found my inhaler or I'd have been in major trouble.

Not quite as sure what to do about that problem. I can't clean up everything, sad as that is. I want to get an air purifier but they can cost a lot. I'm not weak enough to be killed by dust though.


  1. How about you give your room a good sweeping with a wet cloth? Should've probably done that before you rearranged everything, or did it during. If you're hauling things with thick layers of dust on them around there's a 100% chance you'll be miserable for it. ;D

  2. Looks great! Too bad about the dust though. Only cleaning can get rid of it, alas.

  3. I love your picture on the wall, organizing is a good thing. Hope you feel better soon, it must be that time of year.

  4. Nothing like some good non lethal change!

  5. Your DVD and book collection is quite impressive


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