Friday, 1 July 2016

Is Today Friday?

I felt like shit yesterday. Let's hope I feel better today eh?
The Japanese tried to warn us....

I'd go for it

I miss my flip phone

This toy pays for itself!

You know it tastes good at least

I'd call the burn unit but they probably couldn't afford the treatment

I want to go to Cornwall. Fuck London.


I'm just kidding. Your mom has way more sex than that.

I'm going to Hell and I'm going to enjoy the ride.
Sorry if some of these are things I've posted before. I'm trying to organise my "funny shit" folder.


  1. Hey, this is the lowest number of puns you've had in your Friday joke posts in a long time.

  2. I don't know if that's a burn on my mom, so much as a burn on me that my own mom is having way more sex than I am. Way to rub it in, mom.

    And is it weird that I have one of those gigantic phones that can barely even fit in my pocket, and yet I've never once used it for porn? I just like the big text because I'm creeping up slowly on 'old as shit'.

  3. I doubt you're going to Hell, but on the remote chance that you do, please give my regards to my dad.

  4. Hope you're feeling better, the durex one was funny but wrong!

  5. Trump really enjoyed that tweet from Return to Your Safe Space

  6. Jesus admiring Slayer tattoos, Free Willy crushing it in a tank, and a "Spy Hunter" reference? This is fun stuff. It got to come back really soon.

    But as a metal dude, I'm dying to see that tattoo . .

  7. Now it's the other side of the weekend I hope your feeling better.


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