Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy Treason Day

Today many Americans will be celebrating how their country did something that, just last week, they were condemning the British for doing; overthrowing an oppressive regime of twats. At least we didn't kill anyone!

I'm only half-joking of course but I found the parallels interesting. No doubt there were many colonists who felt that America could never make it on their own. For a period of time things were tough for America. Now, 240 years later (by my possibly bad math) the country has become a global superpower.

For better or for worse.

See I can say pretty much what I want about the Americans because they won't be reading today. They'll be too busy blowing up their country with fireworks. I love fireworks though so if anything I'm jealous of their ability to do so.

If you are an American and you do happen to read this, then have a kickass day today. If you aren't American then just try and ignore the "USA!" chants and explosions.

Remember what that guy from the Simpsons said; "Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it!"


  1. "They'll be too busy blowing up their country"
    Just leave it at that. The ambiguity, the amount of options, they speak for themselves. ;D

  2. I was able to read your blog despite the holiday because my friends are still loading up the monster truck with beer so we can get drunk, do wheelies through the mud and then shoot our guns into the air to celebrate the greatness of our country.


    (I think that might be the first time I've ever used the term "monster truck".)

  3. Happy July 4th to the Americans. I understand all the stores are open today.

    1. They are. :-( Also a LOT of them are open on Christmas.

    2. They are. :-( Also a LOT of them are open on Christmas.

  4. I think the link between American Independence and Brexit are a bit tenuous. You haven't been listening to Nigel have you?

  5. I remember when our ship was anchored in Cannes on July 4th. During the afternoon we went "Trolling For Rich People" (another story for another day). We came up on an apparently British man tending his boat. Not thinking, I immediately wished him a "Happy 4th of July!" Just as quickly, I said, "No offense." Thank goodness he was drunk.

  6. I don't know what to say to this so all I say is hope you had a good day and no one died

  7. Have a good fireworks day Mark!

  8. Wow come to think of it, if Trump is smart, he should also play up the angle that taking one's country back again is parallel to what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc were doing. Mark, you should be Trump's new campaign manager.


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