Friday, 8 July 2016

Getting My Blood Tested

Today I'm having a blood test done and over the weekend I plan to detox. I'll tell you more about both assuming I survive.

It's cool though; lizard people don't count!

I wish I could buy a diamond. I'd rob a grocery store with it.

I know a few girls this would work on

This is why I'm afraid to wear my Natureland jumper at Natureland. I don't want people to think I work there.

I'm so doing this. All the time.

Some people are just named for the job

...He's got a good point

I'm just saying this has happened to me

I really want to follow this page. It's glorious.

How do you plan to deport Mexicans when there's a wall between America and Mexico? Check and mate
See you on the other side. Hopefully not literally. Nah I'll be fine. I've done this before.


  1. Good luck with surviving the weekend. My weekend doesn't start until Monday.

  2. Best of luck with the tests Mark, I hope everything will be okay. That fetish thing is so funny, and sadly for me, so true lmao.

    I'm using that Stormtrooper line too, so funny, the other night I was watching A New Hope and couldn't stop laughing when Obi Wan said that the damage caused to the Jawas couldn't have been done by the Sandpeople because compared to the stormtroopers, they were INFERIOR marksmen. God, how bad a shot does that make Sandpeople lmao.

  3. Good luck on that blood test Mark. Thanks for the laughs, especially that last one.

  4. I like the storm trooper one.

    I hope your tests go well!

  5. There better be a post on Monday or we'll worry!

  6. OMG that Donald Trump one... I laughed so hard.

    Good luck with the blood test!!

  7. I laughed my ass off about buying a Best Buy shirt and screwing with customers. I'm so doing that. I would work the camera area and say stuff like, "I film my neighbors having sex all the time with this one. Works great!" Stuff like that.

    Also, the Stormtrooper thing is adorable. If I had a nerd chick to appreciate that one, it would be on.

    Good post for a laugh. Thanks.

  8. Good luck with your test! May you pass with flying colors.

    I was totally going to buy a diamond, but then I realized that I'd rather eat food and survive, so I did that instead. But I'm totally going to get a diamond when I don't need food and shelter anymore.

  9. I test my own blood most days, some funny stuff there!

  10. I got a Walmart vest when I retired from the Navy. I have GOT to try that!

  11. I got a Walmart vest when I retired from the Navy. I have GOT to try that!

  12. I hope and pray your test goes well.

    Your post is very hilarious. I enjoyed it.

    The first one is thought provoking. Will she be sent to jail for her several misdeeds?

    I have not seen any rich and influential person sitting in jail for a long time. If you visit a jail you will see it is crowded with poor people.

    Best wishes


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