Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday Funnies VI: Adrian's Revenge

I doubt this is actually the sixth edition of this shit. I just wanted to make a Simpsons reference.
I believe this is the main force in the Australian military

Who's the real loser now? Oh wait it's still me

Speaking of games...

This is sensible gay humour 
I'd watch this movie. I'd watch it all. 

I'd also wear this shirt. 

The last bit is actually from a comedy show but I believe the original ad is real. Real fucking hilarious. 

Ayy gurl let me Squirtle on dem Jigglypuffs

That's one way to not get a job ever.
Jesus from sobriety and false advertising
Look forward to next week folks. It's going to be great. Like America will one day be again*.

*Not my actual opinion; said for comedic effect 


  1. Thanks for the laughs today, ahaha

  2. Lotsa laffs in this post! And your final line was hilarious too!

  3. hahaha. thank you for the chuckles that this brought.
    oy, seriously pokemon go people are a little scary, i ran into several in the parking lot yesterday. I had evidently parked on a pokemon.

    i would totally wear that shirt as well.

    good to see you.

  4. Loved the hobbies and Interests one Mark!

  5. Very hilarious. I enjoyed this post.

    Best wishes

  6. Awesome pics, as always. I'm borrowing that water/Jesus one on my Facebook page to remind all my "friends" to stay hydrated on this sweltering hot weekend. Bottoms up, my friend!

  7. "What do we do with all these sandwiches?"
    Yeah, laughed out loud there.

  8. "What do we do with all these sandwiches?"
    Yeah, laughed out loud there.


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