Friday, 29 July 2016

Freelancing Week Part Three; Time Management

Hello and welcome to the final part of Freelancing Week! I hope you had fun because I've found myself having a lot of fun writing all of this. Let's take a look at the last thing on the list and deal with "Time Management" today.

To be honest I suck at time management. Badly. Really badly. I cannot put into words how much I have always sucked at managing my time.

But to be honest freelancing has kind of helped that.

Much like you must budget your money you must also budget your time. There are a few ways to do it too. One way to effectively manage your time and stay motivated when doing work is to listen to music. It's a good idea to put a music album on and just work through the music, telling yourself you'll take a short break when it's done. If you do that you can find yourself working for a good 60-90 minutes with a 10-15 minute break at the end of it.

That's a good idea but it's only half of what I do.

The other half is to just keep buggering on.
It's the British way
By that I mean I try to power through all my work and then take a break when it's all done. I can sleep when I'm dead; so to speak. I can't say I recommend this because it can really eat away at your day and leave you tired.

I did try and implement a simple daily plan though. These days I wake up around 11AM (yeah I know it's bad; I have my reasons). I have breakfast and just do morning things until around 12. At that point I fire up Pokémon Go and spend an hour or so catching Pokémon "exercising". I then work until it's time for tea at around five (stopping at half four to actually make food) before going back to work until around 8 or when the work is done. On the days when I go to the gym I swap out "exercising" playing Pokémon Go with going to the gym from around 3-6 (with an hour for eating/shopping with Paul, my gym buddy). I'll then go back to work when I get home. I also go shopping on Wednesday which means I don't start work until around 3PM. Oh and I volunteer Sunday which means I don't work until around 5 until 7 when I do my podcast.

You see why I have a hard time sticking to a schedule?

It's even worse when I'm busy. That's the main reason I've eaten so much takeaway food lately. I find myself so busy I decide to not stop working at four and instead keep going and order food when I'm done. This also leaves me hungry and leads to over-eating.

Don't do this. For the love of God don't do this. I've gained 20 pounds! DON'T!

Working is important but so is taking care of yourself. Never let the work get in the way of your health. Most clients are very understanding and will accept it if you don't deliver the work as fast as you humanly can.

So there you have the key to effective time management; make a schedule and stick to it. Be willing to give yourself a little leeway though. There's no need to plan every minute of every day. Don't forget to take care of yourself too.

Well I hope you had fun with Freelancing Week. Look forward to a nice announcement on Monday!

Oh and if Kate ever shows me the infographic I'll be sure to share it with you all.


  1. It may not be as fast as you humanly can, but at least it's as fast as you humanely can. (^:
    Your self-advertisement game is a bit weak, "I'm bad at this, and that", but otherwise your freelancing posts have been interesting to read. Maybe extend it with a post about troublesome clients you've had? I can't imagine everything's gone buttery smooth.

  2. its those darn apps...gotta catch em all.

  3. Great post and time management is a most necessary skill.

  4. Time management is tough and takes a lot of discipline alright.

  5. If I was a freelancer, I'd NEVER get things done. Too much fun diddling around here.

  6. If I was a freelancer, I'd NEVER get things done. Too much fun diddling around here.


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