Thursday, 21 July 2016

Coming Next Week; Freelancer Week!

About a week ago I was contacted by a lovely lady called Kate. She had read through my blog and was interested in connecting with freelancers like myself and getting their experiences. She's putting together an infographic (well, the people she works for are) and I'm one of the people they approached.

Go me!
Pokémon Go me! Even though I play Pokémon Go this is likely to be the only reference to it on this blog
She approached me with four topics in particular that she wanted me to write something about. She originally asked if I could do a few lines about each topic but I thought "Hey, I could write a whole post about each topic and make it a themed week."So that's what I'm going to do next week.

If you've ever been curious about what I go through as a freelancer then you'll enjoy next week on the blog as I discuss the following four things:

1. Networking
2. Managing finances
3. Self-motivation
4. Time management

Each topic will have its own post except for managing finances and self-motivation. To me those two kind of fit together so I'm going to be putting them into one topic. So you can look forward to that. While I will look forward to seeing what Kate puts together.

I assume I'll get to see it anyway.

On the plus side it's going to be super easy to blog next week!


  1. Those are actually pretty interesting (and hugely important!) topics from a freelancer's perspective. Can't wait to read them!

    Important question: What team are you? There is only one correct answer.

  2. This is great news Mark, looking forward to your posts.

  3. Those are great topics. It's great that your site brings you attention from the outside world. I'll be here to read them, like I always am!

  4. Looking forward to reading your insights!

  5. Awww yeah, we can't wait! We especially need help in the way of time management. Pokemon Go... certainly not helping that.


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