Friday, 10 June 2016

What a Rough Week

I've had a pretty rough week overall. I don't expect next week will be more fun. Hopefully the weekend isn't too bad.

If I won the loterry I'd buy TWO tanks

Not gonna lie: I'd totally eat that.

What's an outside?

Dammit Moon Moon

I kind of want the votes to be rigged because this reality is too frightening

This would maek me pretty damn happy

Not even Lincoln is safe from their evil hands

Seriously Moon Moon, just stop.

Still haven't played Warcraft yet. Still enjoying those books. The Elves haven't showed up yet though :(
Have a good weekend folks!


  1. Those donut burgers make my heart hurt just looking at them. Have a great weekend.

  2. Each one of these is hilarious! But my fave is the concept of "violently American," LOL.

  3. Living in America kind of scares me right now...

    I'm stealing that first pic because it is sooooooooo accurate

    1. That wall is starting to sound better and better, if only for the rest of the world's safety.

  4. Awesome pics. They definitely made my morning. I'm reminded of the Family Guy episode when Peter buys a tank...and Jim Gaffigan's "donut ham hamburger" joke. It looks better with bacon though. Man, I gotta have some of that I can scare myself out of ever eating such garbage again.

    I agree that Americans are getting the candidates we deserve. Biden/Warren v. Ryan/Kasich would be ideal IMO... but then what would the internets have to complain about?

  5. thanks for the laughs you have a GREAT weekend in spite of the week!

  6. Saw you had a rough week and wanted to pop in and say, "hello!" Hope things get better soon, Mark.

  7. Here's hoping for a better week!

  8. Abe looks really mad without his top hat.

  9. You're mad my friend just in case you didn't know


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