Thursday, 23 June 2016

Well This Is It

This post may be a little boring to non-Europeans but what else was I supposed to blog about today? Actually for once I have a few topics that I could talk about. I could even schedule posts for all of next week. Will I? Time will tell. For now though I'm going to talk about what a big day it is here in the UK. It's the day that we stop getting that damn Brexit propaganda through the letterbox.
On the plus side I've done a lot of recycling
Nah but seriously today is the day of the EU Referendum; the day that Britain decides if it's in or out of the European Union. To be honest I didn't think I would decide which side I was on until I got into the booth. I felt that I agreed with points that both sides were making. Everyone involved made some good points but they also made a lot of terrible points and just scare-mongered. Remain can say Leave did a lot of scare-mongering about terrorists but let's not pretend they didn't do some themselves. Going on and on and on about how the UK is fucked without the EU, how we'd never survive on our own. Sheesh it was enough to make me consider voting leave.

But then I talked with Fang on Twitter about it. He asked me which side I was on and with a little help from him I decided that I would be voting remain today. See, I do like some of the European laws. Europe have a great track record with digital rights whereas the UK government doesn't; as evidenced by the fact I need to use a VPN to access certain sites and just for my own privacy. Europe have taken on Google, Apple, and Facebook. They don't give a fuck and they generally act in the interests of the people, rather than the corporations.

While I will admit that I am worried about terrorism and unchecked immigration I also remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin.

 I think that's a message that's all too forgotten these days. People are more than willing to give up their freedoms for the sake of a false sense of security. I'm looking at you Patriot Act. When you're paying for people to molest your kids in case they have a bomb on them the terrorists have won. There are a lot of situations that argument can be applied to. The "liberty for freedom" thing. Not the molesting kids thing.

I felt that we were safer out of the EU, but more liberal inside. Despite what the Leave campaigners would have us believe about European laws. Once I realised that it was obvious which side I would choose.

Today I vote for liberty. I vote for freedom. I vote because I have that freedom.

Let's see what happens. 


  1. Really curious as to what the results will be, especially considering how every single news outlet tells you "Britain is divided 50/50."

  2. I think you made the right choice, Mark. The EU represents the future.

  3. this is in the news a lot here in Canada, last I read, our Prime Minister agrees with you, remain.

  4. This has been in the news in the US as much as any European story (outside of terrorist bombings) ever has been so far as I can remember.

    I hope it goes the right way.

  5. I'm afraid Britain has left the EU!

  6. I voted remain. I wanted my daughter to have the freedom to live and work anywhere in the EU. Sadly her life just got more complicated in the future.


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