Monday, 20 June 2016

Shopping Therapy

I don't know how well-known this is about me but I'm not much of a shopper. Well most of the time I'm not. It comes from not having much money. I have money now but I'm still cautious about it. It's kind of odd though. I'm not bad at spending money on food but I am bad at entertainment and the like. I could spend £15 on food without a second thought but wouldn't spend more than £5 on a CD even though I'd enjoy the CD for longer. Oh well.
Soon Amazon wishlist...soon...Although I've bought some of those CDs elsewhere now. I should update that list
I did quite a lot of shopping yesterday though. Like; a whole fecking lot. A few weeks ago at the shop we had a lot of books by Garth Nix come in. He's one of my all time favourite authors. I think that Eoin Colfier would still be my favourite (author of Artemis Fowl) but Nix is definitely a close second. I couldn't buy them at the time really but this week I gave in and bought them.

I bought nine books.

Then I bought two Simpsons box sets...

Then I bought the Inbetweeners and the South Park movie...

 Paul offered me a discount on the Inbetweeners because it's been up there a while and he didn't want to just throw it out. There was also the complete collection of Will and Grace but it would have cost about £40 to get them all and it's cheaper than that online.

It looks like an awful lot I know but because it all came from a charity shop it wasn't actually that expensive and the money did go to a good cause. We actually have a lot of stuff in the back (and now in the store) that I want to get my hands on. Which is a shame because I'm earning money, sure, but I'm not quite earning that much money.


  1. Nice finds! Hope all that fits within your spending budget/savings? Pretty good deal then.

  2. I generally hate shopping but that comes with 100s of shopping expeditions with a wife. I do love a good rummage in a charity shop though. Nice finds.

  3. Good shopping and finds Mark, love a bargain!

  4. Shopping is not therapy for me, usually because I have bugga all money and clothes shopping is a nightmare trying to find stuff that fit that I can afford

  5. I spend a lot of money on music and books, although for the past couple years, it's all been digital, for the most part.

    My music budget is... well, I don't want to know how much I spend, actually, which is ridiculous, because my understanding is that people my age don't pay for music.

    It keeps me sane, so it's worth it.

  6. Wow that's quite a lot of things Mark, for a much lower amount of money than it should cost, sometimes it's a great idea to just spend a bit and enjoy yourself. You earn that money, so good on you.

  7. Enjoy all the many hours of entertainment that you've got there!

  8. sounds like sensible shopping to me! Good for you Mark.

  9. Psssh, spending money on music and books is NEVER a waste. Food I can live without, but good music and good reading? Forget about it.

  10. Is there a new South Park movie, and why didn't I hear about it??


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