Friday, 3 June 2016

Friday Funsies Such Or Other

Man I am tired. I would not mind a break. Not that I can. Oh well. I can be lazy here at least.

Who doesn't love dress up games?

Reverse the genders and this is basically all my relationships

I once saw soemone break down how this was done

I knew I was a wizard!

I don't even have a wife :(

That is how you get hired

I know how to get cats to poop in a toilet but I didn't know it could go this far


I'd wish you many happy returns but then I'd be wishing you were happy

Now THIS I would watch. Damn Hollywood. Not making the reboots the people really demand.
Have a good weekend folks.


  1. Thanks for the laughs happy Friday

  2. I have a bit of a break coming up. Tune in over at my blog next week to see how I cope. (blatant self promotion)

    Loved the balloons BTW.

  3. All of these are as fun as usual mate, I hope that you've had a good weekend.

  4. Position Desired:
    Oreo Cookie Tongue Sculptor
    Gotta be better than an office job.


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