Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Rambling Person Super Simple Saving Scheme

Damn I love alliteration. Anyway, I recently decided to try and take more control of my spending and finances. Before now I've always had a pretty simple goal in mind when it comes to money. I try and have at least 100 x the month in my bank account at the end of each month. So £700 at the end of July, for example. Things changed a little recently though and I have a new scheme now.

I don't know whether he intended me to hear or not but I heard my dad talking with who I presume was my mother, and he mentioned that even though I'm earning money now he doesn't really see any of it. It's a fair point and one I wish he'd brought up with me himself. I earn more than enough money now to be sending some rent/board his way. I never really had a problem with the idea either. The problem wasn't what I was getting paid, but rather how I was being paid.

Ya see, I don't earn a paycheck. In fact it takes me about three to four weeks to even see the money I get for a job. I do a job on Fiverr and then it takes three days for the job to be automatically marked as complete (though the client can mark it as complete themselves) and then it takes two weeks for the payment to process. The money is then added to the amount of money I can withdraw. This money goes to PayPal and withdrawals from PayPal take a further two days to fully process.

Throw in that I have to wait until I have a decent amount of money and it can take a little longer. Actually, because PayPal charge a conversion fee for converting from dollars to pounds, it's in my best interest to withdraw lots of smaller amounts rather than one larger amount. I could have the money transferred to my bank straight from Fiverr but the service they use for that asks for a 10% cut and I'm not paying a 10% fee on top of the 20% fee that Fiverr has. I'd go solo but I have my misgivings about that, which I shall discuss at a later date.

So I decided to budget for the money I would have, rather than the money I do have. I came up with a pretty effective budget that I feels will fit neatly into my current lifestyle. My budget plan is pretty simple really; I'll leave £100 in the bank as my personal spending money for that month, I'll send my dad £100 in board/rent, and I'll put £100 in my savings each month, with an extra £100-200 being left in the bank account for taxation purposes. I'm almost at the point where I will have to pay taxes and I would have to pay £200 per £1000 I earn. Anything left over is essentially free cash but will likely be left there for taxing and to make me feel better about how much money I have in my account.

Well this has been long and boring. Thank you for your time.

Monday, 27 June 2016

It's Over

It's kind of old news by this point but I figured I should share my thoughts on the Brexit. It happened. Britain is now out of the EU (well, we're on the way out) and David Cameron is also on his way out. For some people that was quite a double whammy victory. Not for me though. I hate David Cameron so I can be cool about that but as I said last week I voted remain.

I'm not particularly bothered by the result. I am bothered by all the people calling for us to do the whole thing again because they weren't happy with the result. Whiny little bitches. You lost. Deal with it. I can understand some of their sentiment but I doubt they're doing it for any reason other than "Waaahhhhhh we lost". The country spoke and, even though it was split down the middle, the leave side won. I hope they don't come to regret that.

Because that's the thing; no one is really sure what happens now. It turns out that some of the promises of the leave campaign were pure bullshit. That saddens me. Political apathy died on the day of the referendum. People who hadn't voted in 20 years came out and voted. People who hated politics got involved and voted. They believed someone was finally speaking for them and that this time they could really change things. Then it turned out those people were lying cunts.

They believed in politicians one more time and they were given a stark reminder of why they should never do it. Now they'll probably never vote again.

I also found an unintended consequence this past Saturday. My paycheck is a little lower now. What happens is that Fiverr pay me in dollars. So when the pound fell against the dollar so too did how much I earned.

Fiverr said that the $200 I had with them was worth £150 (my dad agrees this is about what it's worth) but PayPal told me that it was only worth £130. It's the biggest discprency I've seen between the two sites. What matters is that I was down £20. It might not sound like much but, to someone like me, that could have gone a long way.

Still, the economy will recover. The country will pick itself up and dust itself off. Only time can really tell if we made the right choice.

It's a shame though. I would have liked to have visited Europe when it was cheap and easy to do so. 

Friday, 24 June 2016


Well when I went to bed the results were around 50% both ways. By the time you're reading this we'll know the results. I wonder what they are.

His hopes and dreams are literally flying away

Why does every politician do this? Why?

Bears are my fetish

I love MURRICA jokes

There needs to be a line for all three...

I would if I worked at a sperm bank

That escalated quickly

Don't try this at home. Or do. It's more fun if you do.

Stop the massacre! Mustard gun control!
I feel bad for making so many America jokes. Have a Canadian one.
It's a brave new world folks. One way or another.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Well This Is It

This post may be a little boring to non-Europeans but what else was I supposed to blog about today? Actually for once I have a few topics that I could talk about. I could even schedule posts for all of next week. Will I? Time will tell. For now though I'm going to talk about what a big day it is here in the UK. It's the day that we stop getting that damn Brexit propaganda through the letterbox.
On the plus side I've done a lot of recycling
Nah but seriously today is the day of the EU Referendum; the day that Britain decides if it's in or out of the European Union. To be honest I didn't think I would decide which side I was on until I got into the booth. I felt that I agreed with points that both sides were making. Everyone involved made some good points but they also made a lot of terrible points and just scare-mongered. Remain can say Leave did a lot of scare-mongering about terrorists but let's not pretend they didn't do some themselves. Going on and on and on about how the UK is fucked without the EU, how we'd never survive on our own. Sheesh it was enough to make me consider voting leave.

But then I talked with Fang on Twitter about it. He asked me which side I was on and with a little help from him I decided that I would be voting remain today. See, I do like some of the European laws. Europe have a great track record with digital rights whereas the UK government doesn't; as evidenced by the fact I need to use a VPN to access certain sites and just for my own privacy. Europe have taken on Google, Apple, and Facebook. They don't give a fuck and they generally act in the interests of the people, rather than the corporations.

While I will admit that I am worried about terrorism and unchecked immigration I also remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin.

 I think that's a message that's all too forgotten these days. People are more than willing to give up their freedoms for the sake of a false sense of security. I'm looking at you Patriot Act. When you're paying for people to molest your kids in case they have a bomb on them the terrorists have won. There are a lot of situations that argument can be applied to. The "liberty for freedom" thing. Not the molesting kids thing.

I felt that we were safer out of the EU, but more liberal inside. Despite what the Leave campaigners would have us believe about European laws. Once I realised that it was obvious which side I would choose.

Today I vote for liberty. I vote for freedom. I vote because I have that freedom.

Let's see what happens. 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Shopping Therapy

I don't know how well-known this is about me but I'm not much of a shopper. Well most of the time I'm not. It comes from not having much money. I have money now but I'm still cautious about it. It's kind of odd though. I'm not bad at spending money on food but I am bad at entertainment and the like. I could spend £15 on food without a second thought but wouldn't spend more than £5 on a CD even though I'd enjoy the CD for longer. Oh well.
Soon Amazon wishlist...soon...Although I've bought some of those CDs elsewhere now. I should update that list
I did quite a lot of shopping yesterday though. Like; a whole fecking lot. A few weeks ago at the shop we had a lot of books by Garth Nix come in. He's one of my all time favourite authors. I think that Eoin Colfier would still be my favourite (author of Artemis Fowl) but Nix is definitely a close second. I couldn't buy them at the time really but this week I gave in and bought them.

I bought nine books.

Then I bought two Simpsons box sets...

Then I bought the Inbetweeners and the South Park movie...

 Paul offered me a discount on the Inbetweeners because it's been up there a while and he didn't want to just throw it out. There was also the complete collection of Will and Grace but it would have cost about £40 to get them all and it's cheaper than that online.

It looks like an awful lot I know but because it all came from a charity shop it wasn't actually that expensive and the money did go to a good cause. We actually have a lot of stuff in the back (and now in the store) that I want to get my hands on. Which is a shame because I'm earning money, sure, but I'm not quite earning that much money.

Friday, 17 June 2016

I Forgot To Make a Post

It happens from time to time. Oh well.
I actually do this a lot. It's pretty effective.

If violence isn't solving your problems you aren't using enough of it

That's because it's not cheese...

There's a proper reason they do this but I prefer this version

Sounds like heaven to me

If I was ever in a situation where I could do this I'd do it

Gotta give the ladies what they want

Disaster is the woman that won't leave you

I'm not sure this counts

I even love French puns.
Have a good weekend folks. See you next week!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

I'm Going Vegetarian. Again.

I know I've said it before and I'll probably say it again but I'm taking my health seriously and I mean it this time. It's way past time I began to look beyond the problems and began to seek solutions. So to that end I decided that I should go back to being a vegetarian. I'll probably pause said vegetarian diet when I'm on holiday but, for the next month or so at least; meat is off the menu.

Well, except fish. I'd never make it without fish.
Sometimes I forget just big tuna fish actually are
This actually isn't the first time I've adopted a vegetarian diet. I did it for a few months a few years ago. It was purely for health reasons of course. I love animals but that doesn't mean I can't love eating them too. Humans have sharp teeth for rending meat. Who am I to defy nature?

There are a number of positive upsides to this change. For a start all my unhealthy favourites have meat in them (pizza, kebab, burgers, etc) so I'm not going to be eating any of those any time soon. I'll also be eating more fruits and vegetables and that's always good. I bought some quorn mince and plan to turn it into vegetarian spaghetti bolognese.

Looks delicious
There are a few downsides too though. The major one is that vegetarian recipes tend to be harder than non-vegetarian ones. They also just sound less fun and tasty. Everything tastes better with beef in it. I looked at a whole bunch of vegetarian recipes and my response was generally either "I can't make that" or "That doesn't look nice". I also need to avoid the mistake I made last time. I ate too much cheese and too many eggs. This time I'm more confident in my cooking ability so let's see what happens.

I also bought a new scale to weigh myself and started using MyFitnessPal again. Time to take this shit seriously yo. 


Monday, 13 June 2016

Separating Home and Work

I talked last week about how I wanted to pick up World of Warcraft again. I can confirm that I did do just that this past weekend. There's just one small problem with me playing a game like that; my laptop isn't that great. I had to downgrade and buy a lower spec laptop over Christmas last year. My good laptop had a few knocks too many and now the USB ports aren't stable. The fan also isn't that good. For my work I sometimes end up using all three USB ports. So I had to get a new one and didn't have the budget for a good one.

The answer was that my old laptop would have to be used. Which means I now have one separate computer for work and one for playing games. I find I'm not good at this setup. I find myself having trouble swapping over and putting one laptop away and picking up another laptop. It helps that all the fun stuff, minus the games, is on the newer laptop. So if I want to do something other than browse the net, listen to music, or play Warcraft then I do have to load up the old one. What I generally just do is use the new laptop to do all my work and swap over when I'm done to play games. It's a system that hasn't gotten off to a great start but, hey, it's only been a few days.

As I work from home it's difficult for me to separate my home and work life. It's not like I can leave my work in the office. My home is my office. Sometimes I literally work from my bed even. Especially when I'm feeling sick.

The warmer weather is going to put a stop to that though. Man I need another desk fan. And the electrical outlets to run one.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post. I think I had an idea when I started. Oh well.

Friday, 10 June 2016

What a Rough Week

I've had a pretty rough week overall. I don't expect next week will be more fun. Hopefully the weekend isn't too bad.

If I won the loterry I'd buy TWO tanks

Not gonna lie: I'd totally eat that.

What's an outside?

Dammit Moon Moon

I kind of want the votes to be rigged because this reality is too frightening

This would maek me pretty damn happy

Not even Lincoln is safe from their evil hands

Seriously Moon Moon, just stop.

Still haven't played Warcraft yet. Still enjoying those books. The Elves haven't showed up yet though :(
Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

To The Movies!

I don't know how much I've talked about this on the blog but I'm a huge Warcraft-er. Or was. Four things happened to me in my 17th or 18th year. To be honest I'm a little fuzzy on the details. The first is I fell in love. The second is my heart was broken. The third is I began watching wrestling (and still do nine years later), the fourth was that I began playing World of Warcraft. And yes, all four events are related.
I'd played Warcraft III before then, but didn't have the internet until that year too.
A few years later I dropped the game because all of the friends I had made on there stopped playing. I was mostly playing so I didn't need to be alone and, well, I was left alone. To be honest all my friends leaving the game is one of the reasons I have such major abandonment issues these days. Wheee. Anyway, I still loved the world. I knew a lot about Warcraft lore. I read the books, I read the comics (I still have the Death Knight manga) and I fell in love with the series as a whole. So when I heard they made a Warcraft movie I knew I had to see it.
Look at this sweet poster I got
I watched the trailer for it at Paul's house and he agreed to take me for my birthday. He's interested in fantasy stuff himself but admits he doesn't like Warcraft. So off to the movies we went on Monday. I knew the movie would either be great or terrible.

It was....kinda in the middle to be honest.

I will say I think they did a good job with the story. The events of the movie are pretty much how things play out in actual WoW lore. I'm just not very familiar with that part of the lore. It covers the beginning whereas I'm more familiar with the events of Warcraft III and World of Warcraft. I know some of the stuff before then thanks to the books but even I had to read up on the story when I got home. Unfortunately Paul wasn't as big a fan of the thing as me. But I liked it. That was what mattered. I expect I'll like the sequels more as they'll deal with the aspects of the story I'm more familiar with.

As a movie though it kinda wasn't that great. The story was good, but they did a really bad job of telling it. There was a lot of stuff that wasn't explained, some that was explained badly, and scenes that happen without any setup at all. Which is odd because they did things to set up sequels, such as introducing us to baby Thrall and young Varian Wrynn.

Still, I was entertained and I hope there are some sequels. The game also did a good job of pulling me back into Warcraft. I already got my hands on some of those books I mentioned earlier. The second one, called The Last Guardian, will be roughly the story of the movie. I also plan on picking the game back up over the summer. My Constant Companion, for there is no better word for her, is working at a summer camp. So I'll be alone and without anything to do for most of the summer. I plan on buying a three month subscription.

It'll take me about that long to get sick of it again.

I can say I'm very engrossed in the books though. I haven't read a book like this in a long time.

Monday, 6 June 2016

My Vocabulary Kinda Sucks

When I raised the prices for my freelancing work one of my clients told me they were okay with it because they like my writing style. They said it was simple and easy to read. It was a nice compliment but it got me thinking. There's a reason that my writing is so simple. My vocabulary sucks. Especially for a writer.

Lookit all dem words
I used to have an amazing vocabulary. Then I started doing freelancing work. I started getting a little lazy with my writing and would use the same words over and over again. I began to really just lose that wonderful vocabulary I had before.

I believe another one of my issues is recall. If you asked me what a word meant there's a good chance I could tell you. Or I could at least use it in a sentence. When I'm actually writing though, that kind of thing just doesn't come up. Like, when I'm writing I can only think of the same words. It can get problematic in my rewriting gig when I try to think of different ways to word something.

I'm sure there are numerous ways one can try and improve their vocubarly. Do I have the time for it though? I wish.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Friday Funsies Such Or Other

Man I am tired. I would not mind a break. Not that I can. Oh well. I can be lazy here at least.

Who doesn't love dress up games?

Reverse the genders and this is basically all my relationships

I once saw soemone break down how this was done

I knew I was a wizard!

I don't even have a wife :(

That is how you get hired

I know how to get cats to poop in a toilet but I didn't know it could go this far


I'd wish you many happy returns but then I'd be wishing you were happy

Now THIS I would watch. Damn Hollywood. Not making the reboots the people really demand.
Have a good weekend folks.


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