Thursday, 12 May 2016

To Deliciousness!

I think I mentioned before that a friend was going to help me cook things. I definitely mentioned resupplying my kitchen. Well yesterday was the first time that we tried to put something together. She asked me what one thing I would like to cook was and I replied lasagne. Because it is. I love a good lasagne. My problem with cooking lasagne is that I thought it would be difficult.

Honestly it was a little difficult, but not nearly as difficult as I was expecting. There's a lot of ingredients but everything goes together pretty easily. It turns out the meat sauce in lasagne is actually basically bolognese sauce and the stuff that chilli con carne is made out. I essentially learned how to make three meals.

Because dammit I made a lasagne.
It tasted better than it looked
I think the only thing that definitely went wrong was that the top layer of cheese was burned. The sauce was also a little too runny. But it really wasn't bad at all for a first attempt considering it was the first time I had done practically everything involved. Or at least the first time in a good while. As I used red wine to cook it I even got quite merry as I was eating it. I don't know if that term has left the Isles but it's basically that state of being drunk where you're not really drunk, but you feel kinda happy. Wine is pretty strong stuff folks.

I have some mince left over, as well as some of the meat sauce. So I think I'm going to buy some spaghetti and turn that into spaghetti bolognese. It'll be the first time I've made it without premade sauce. There's also half a dish of lasagne left so that's what I'll be having for my tea today.

God bless leftovers.


  1. Friendly reminder that the alcohol in wine is supposed to evaporate when you're cooking with it. If you felt the effect then either have you been hanging your head over the fumes, or something's gone not quite right.
    Lasagne's great though, just make a bunch of sauces, layer some junk together, and there it is! Sauce consistency is a bit hard to get right, but some practice will help you with that.

  2. Good for you Mark! I cheat with supermarket sauce, I found a good one. Not that I make lasagna, just maybe meatballs or meat sauce.

  3. Way to go! I make a killer lasagna too. No wine though!

  4. Alcohol doesn't survive the cooking process. I'm guessing you were feeling elation due to your culinary expertise. Well done you!


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