Monday, 16 May 2016

Not All Experiments Succeed

I mentioned during my post about making a lasagne that the sauce used could also be used for chilli and spaghetti bolognese. I love Italian food so I decided to give that a go this time. I'm pleased to report that particular experiment was a success. I knew what I was doing after all. The only problem is that, once again, I made too much. I also didn't really have a way to store the spare stuff, or make so much it would be two servings. I have some lean mince now so at least the next time I make too much it won't be absolutely awful for my waistline. Just mostly.

Over the weekend I tried another experiment but this one didn't go so well. See I also bought a lot of potatoes because the organic stuff was on offer and potatoes were the only other thing I was likely to eat. So what do you make with potatoes, eggs, and onions? That's right you make a Spanish omelette. Or you try to at least. Which is about as far as I got.

See the way you make a Spanish omelette is to grill up your vegetables and potatoes first, and then mix that in with the beaten eggs that will become the omelette. I think my first mistake was using too many vegetables. It was obvious as soon as I mixed the vegetables and the eggs that there were too many vegetables. I also overcooked them.

The real problem came when I tried to turn the omelette over and put it on the plate and I saw that the entire underside was basically charcoal black. So yeah, not all experiments succeed. But at least I tried. I took a look at a recipe and went into it thinking I could do it. I made another mistake with the potatoes yesterday too in fact. I boiled some potatoes to have with a regular omelette and forgot to prick them before putting them in the saucepan. They were in there for a good 10-15 minutes and still weren't soft.

Bloody hell.

Remember the basics people! In all things you do!


  1. If you followed a recipe, then how did you manage to use too many vegetables? ;D
    Spanish omelets are delicious though, so keep trying, it's going to be worth it! Remember that egg bakes pretty fast, but you still want the insides to cook as well, so keep it on a lower heat to give that time.

    1. The recipe was for a massive omelette that would serve six and use six eggs. So I had to tone it down a little. Still ended up using too many vegetables. Ah well.

  2. Learning to cook takes a lot of practice and trial and error, I am still learning after all these years. It is great to have google these days you can learn to make just about anything.

  3. I end making too much of nearly everything I make. It is a sad symptom of cooking for one, I believe.

  4. Learning to cook is a real journey with lots of mistakes and successes but the destination is definitely worth it!

  5. I can cook lots of things, but eggs tend to derail a lot of my recipes. I'm fine if they're baked into a dessert, but as for cooking eggs with non-desserts? nope

    Good luck with your next attempts at experimental cooking!

  6. Keep practicing and experimenting. You will have failures but also discover some awesome dishes. I don't really consider myself a great cook but I enjoy throwing stuff together. Some of my best meals have been made with scraps from the cupboards and fridge just before payday.

  7. What Mich said. I've been cooking for years, and I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it, but eggs still elude me. Those are such picky little bastards. Most other dishes you have a little leeway, but screw up an egg even just a little and the dish is pretty much awful.

  8. I suck at cooking I am a so so cook

  9. Next time you make too much food, just send it on over to me


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