Monday, 2 May 2016

I Made Something In My Kitchen

I've talked a few times before about my lack of culinary skills. There are very few things I'm able to cook from scratch. I don't even keep many raw ingredients in my kitchen. I'm trying to change this however. Over the weekend I invested in a steamer and in plenty of kitchen utensils and equipment. I even cleaned out my oven. The small toaster oven I have that is. It would take a nuclear bomb to clean up my large oven. It's getting replaced when we finally get the kitchen renovated anyway.
I'm looking forward to having a real kitchen
One of the few things I used to be able to make was an omelet. They aren't that difficult to make but, for some reason, I stopped being good at making them. I just stopped making them altogether. I would occasionally make one in the microwave but it doesn't really count. I can also make scrambled eggs in a microwave. I got all the cooking stuff because I have a friend and we came up with the idea of cooking together because she knows how to make pretty much everything and I know how to make pretty much nothing. I got inspired by all the new equipment and decided that I was going to give making an omelet another go.
Only slightly burned

It went really well. I even made another one yesterday and it didn't go as good, but still good. The only real problem I had was being too much of a wuss with flipping it. I was too careful when flipping it incase it broke on me. It ended up a little burned as a result but still tasted good.

Looks better on a plate
I had the one yesterday with some instant mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage and it went down really well. I need to cook the cabbage for longer next time. Or just put less cabbage in. I'm looking forward to learning more stuff and experimenting a little more.


  1. If it's only burned on one side, and consistently so, it may be a heat distribution thing. Also, more butter and a slightly lower heat may help. There's no rush, so if doing it slowly gets the job done, then that's fine too. You can always ramp it up!

  2. Keep practicing, and never be afraid of trying something new. I think you let yourself down with the instant mash, potatoes are easy and versatile.

  3. Keep learning and practising, Mark! You'll be kicking Gordon Ramsay's butt in no time.

  4. Good for you Mark! I remember my first attempt to make chicken, It looked cooked on the outside but was raw inside! That was before Google.

  5. I always feel and look better when I cook for myself using fresh ingredients.

    Unfortunately, it's easy to let bad cooking skills and a lack of time chase me back to bad eating habits.

    I hope you keep at it. A partially burned omelet isn't a bad step.

  6. I can cook many things, but eggs are always tricky, especially when you haven't cooked them in a while. Made myself omelettes every day for a month, then stopped for 2 weeks, then tried again after that break and instantly burned my next one.

    So really, I don't think that makes you a bad cook. Eggs are just tricky. Keep at it and try making some different dishes while you're at it. I guarantee it will be much easier than making the perfect egg.

  7. Great job cooking, honestly it's a great routine to get into, the omelette looks like something I would have no problem eating, seriously. Plus food always tastes better when you make it yourself which is another good reason, well done for making the effort buddy.

  8. Ironically I just watched a video of the late Prince and he said he can cook... but only one thing, omelettes.

  9. I am a terrible cook too but I can make an omelet. Cook it over low heat. Also, add a little bit of water to the eggs. You would think an old lady like me would be a better cook. You would be wrong! Lol


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