Thursday, 19 May 2016

I Don't Think That's How That Was Supposed To Go

Do you ever have one of those days where it's like nothing really goes your way? Where it seems like everything goes wrong? You bet your ass I do. I had one just yesterday in fact. A rough start gave way to a rough middle before a rough end came and gave me one last kick in the dick before the day was done.
Don't forget the classic cunt punt
Indeed, to explain everything that went wrong would make for a tiresome and boring post. I also just hate whining in general. You either do something about it or you don't. It's one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of discussing my personal life much. Most of my problems are things that can't be changed so I don't see the point in discussing them. I just made a shit ton of mistakes. I was able to make a serviceable cheese and onion pasty in the end though. My dad ate the other one but didn't comment on it. He's still alive at least and so am I so it can't have been that bad.

Yesterday wasn't a total and utter write off either. I managed to organise my birthday present for my mother. By which I mean I went to a cash machine. She's planning on moving house because she doesn't want to live in the house she shared with my stepdad and where she was when his mind started to go. I can't blame her for wanting to get away from the bad memories. But moving house means spending money. Hopefully the £50 I slipped into her birthday card can help with that. It was what I was originally going to give her before my dad told me she planned on moving anyway.

No one tell her what I got her!

Though seriously, between that, my birthday next week, a weekend trip I'm taking I'll tell you about some other time, a potential day trip, a dentist appointment, and a holiday, I better get used to being poor despite having a job now. Oh and my dad's birthday is in September and the present I have in mind for him is £150.

It's cheaper than the trip to Rome I would liked to have given him, which would be at least £1500 including spending money.

Sheesh. Will I ever have enough money to finally start driving lessons? Probably not, no.


  1. "Most of my problems are things that can't be changed"
    Not with that attitude they can't! ;D

    Good to hear you have a bunch of nice trips coming up though, hope that'll help you out of the recent slump.

  2. Giving your parents 200 pounds between them as presents makes you a damn good son Mark. Remember they probably don't want you to chuck a tonne of money at them, you're working hard to earn what you do and don't forget that.

  3. Mark you are a fine man from what I can tell, so nice of you giving presents to your parents. Good work on those pasties.

  4. Keep working hard, Mark! It's always nice to have a bit of jingle in your pockets.

  5. My pay has to feed all the family and stretched to the limit. Since my missus got sick it's been hard work. Keep your chin up and it'll all come together.

  6. You're being a good son to your parents Mark!

  7. No day is a failure that ends with a cheese and onion pasty


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