Friday, 15 April 2016

I Need a Laugh

Man after the day I had yesterday and the day I expect to have today I need a good laugh. Have one on me.

No girl is that dirty

They knew what they did


If only I had an uncle called Jack. And a horse.

Whose Line is a fantastic show and this is guaranteed to get you laid

Kinda sad but kinda funny 
Tuna DOES have a lot of sodium you know....

I'd let my kids watch that show. 
Have some Harry Potter trivia

I need dis. I need all of dis. 
Have a good weekend folks.


  1. LOL that first sign is probably something that every man on earth thinks to himself!

  2. Haha the one about pirates eventually becoming some lovable and playful children's shows is absolutely brilliant, it's funny to see a culture that stole and murdered being so widely celebrated in shows such as Captain Pugwash.

    Try to keep cheery Mark, I believe in you. I know it's not as easy as 'stop eating,' trust me, but just keep trying your hardest. I know that you try, everyone does, that's most important.

  3. Of COURSE they knew what they did. I would totally do that. And feign complete innocence if anyone noticed.

  4. These are hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Made me smile dude. It's never a simple solution, stay with it.

  6. You always find the best LOLs, Mark! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  7. thanks for the laughs, tomorrow will be better just believe!


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