Monday, 4 April 2016

I Have A New Cat

A few months ago I broached the idea of getting a new cat with my dad. We decided that we would look in to adopting one when we had fixed the house up. Adopting a cat works a lot differently in the UK than it does the US. A friend of mine in the US literally walked in to a shelter and walked out with a cat. Over here cats are treated almost like children. You actually need to have your house inspected before you can adopt from a lot of shelters here. So we had to wait. Or did we?
This is my current cat Kadie
Well as is obvious by the title we didn't have to wait. One of my nieces told me about a friend of hers who had to give her cat up. She was getting a guide dog. So she offered us the cat and I gladly took her. Just offer me cats people. She's called Moo Moo (as she looks a little like a cow) and she's gorgeous.

This is Moo Moo
Unfortunately they aren't getting on all that well so far. They are mostly just avoiding eachother though. Moo Moo spends her days in the attic and shows up during the night. Kadie is being remarkably territorial. They aren't actually fighting at least though. Just hissing and growling and staying away from each other. I'm trying to get Moo Moo to adopt my dad's room as her room but she doesn't come down from the attic until after he goes to bed. 

I expect they should warm up to eachother eventually though. It took a little while for Garfield and Kadie to really get on together. The only real problem, outside of the hissing, is that we really need to take Moo Moo to the vet to get her chipped and registered. It's pretty difficult to do that when we can't even find her during the day. At least she's neutered. 


  1. Cats gonna do what cats gonna do. Hopefully time will help them get along, if Moo Moo can get out of the attic and interact with everyone for a bit.

  2. Hello,

    The new cat Kaddie is looks fantastic. I hope she will soon adapt herself in your house and become friendly.

    I didn't know there is so much problem in adopting cats in UK. In India we have no such problems.

    Best wishes

  3. Congratulations! I'd like to get a cat, but I'm allergic. I have a dog, though. He's a knucklehead, but a lovable knucklehead.

  4. Congratulations! I'd like to get a cat, but I'm allergic. I have a dog, though. He's a knucklehead, but a lovable knucklehead.

  5. congrats on your sweet new cat!

  6. Very exciting! I hope they make peace soon and become BFFs.

  7. Yay for new kitty!!

    We've found that best way to get new kitties getting along with the old one is to keep new kitty secluded in a "safe room" for a bit, then slowly introducing them to each other. Like the first interaction should only be trading out some toys (giving new kitty an old toy that smells like Kadie, giving Kadie something like a toy or blanket that smells like Moomoo). They may not ever be buddies, but hopefully they'll eventually be able to tolerate each other in peace.

    I you need any tips, I've dealt with my fair share of new cat v. old cat shenanigans. I'd be happy to help out.

  8. I am not a cat person, nor am I a dog person, just saying, although I do hope your new cat brings you a lot of joy

  9. Moomoo is absolutely gorgeous and I really hope that she settles in and has a lot of fun. Well done on you for adopting Mark, seriously.

  10. Good for you Mark, hope they sort out their issues soon!

  11. It takes time for cats to get used to each other. After a while they'll learn to co-exist.

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