Thursday, 21 April 2016

I Feel Like Such an Adult

Tuesday was a day filled with adulthood for me.  I had to go to the bank because I misplaced my bank card. I went to the mall after going to the gym and Monday and I was worried I accidentally threw it in the trash. It turns out it dropped out my pocket in Paul's car but by then I had already cancelled it. I went to the bank to double check it was cancelled and make a small withdrawal. My new card actually turned up yesterday. Still no contactless card.
Still not in the 21st century
After visiting the bank I kept on walking and headed to the doctors. I said before that I would visit the doctor if I had gained weight and I had. Physically I know what I have to do to lose weight. I don't need lessons in nutrition. Unfortunately my head and my heart just aren't in it anymore. My appointment is for next Thursday. It'll actually be after my meeting thing oddly enough.

After visiting the doctor came one last adult stop. On the way back home I stopped by the dentists office. Unfortunately the office was closed for lunch so I couldn't go in. I took a note of the number though and promised myself I'd call it when I got home. Unlike every other time I promise myself something I actually followed through this time. Sadly my circumstances (I need an afternoon appointment) coupled with their patient load (it's an NHS dentist) I won't be seen until June. That's right folks it'll be more than one month from now.

I hope I still have teeth by then.


  1. >"one last adult stop"
    >not an adult shop
    Well that's kind of disappointing.

    I don't get why so many people desire contactless bank cards though, it's not like it saves you five minutes of work with each payment or whatever, and it just makes your card less secure.

  2. Very adult errands Mark. I hope my now 21 yr old son will get to this stage soon.

  3. "Adulting" is no fun. You have to pay for everything. On the bright side, if I want to have cookies for breakfast, I can have cookies for breakfast.

  4. "Adulting" is no fun. You have to pay for everything. On the bright side, if I want to have cookies for breakfast, I can have cookies for breakfast.

  5. I was expecting much more adult language and adult content in this post. There wasn't even one swear word. Instead, it was about dentists and bank cards.

  6. I'm an 'adult' and I still play with Lego.

  7. If adults go to doctors and dentists and banks then how come I don't ever do that? Oh, right, because America. I was last able to afford a dentist about 2 years ago. They said my teeth were in stellar condition, and that was after having not gone for 4 years before that. So I'm betting I can do another 2 years without a problem. For you a month should be nothin'.

  8. Is it true everyone in the U.K. has really bad teeth or is that just a lie perpetuated by the Austin Powers movies

  9. I'm shocked they didn't give you a contactless card, like you say it really is the in thing right now. It's weird being our age and feeling like adults though, I understand how hard it is to realise that, some days it just randomly hits me that I'm an adult and getting older and it's scary. Good luck with your teeth.


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