Thursday, 7 April 2016

Adding a Touch of Class

As most of you are undoubtedly aware I work from home as a freelancer writer. I don't really have much of a home office though. I pretty much work out of my bedroom. I have a desk at least. Even if I rarely use it. I'm the most unprofessional professional ever. But, hey, my work is great which is why people hire me.

Anyway, I also recently got in to re-re-re-re-re-watching Doctor Who on Netflix. I found out they actually pulled the series at the end of last month, which made me hurry through it at a quicker pace. This of course lead to me re-watching the episode with Vincent Van Gogh in it. It's still one of my favourite episodes of a TV program ever. Especially the scene near the end where Vincent takes a trip to an art museum and hears someone describe him as the greatest artist in history. It was the third or fourth time I've seen the episode but that scene still made me tear up.

So when I saw this at the shop you know I had to buy it.

It's really added some colour and class to the place. It almost makes me wish I used my desk more so that I could look at it more often. To be honest Van Gogh may not be my favourite painting but I'm still a huge fan of the way he used colours. Starry Night is one of my absolute favourite paintings ever. We actually had one of those in the shop too but unfortunately the canvas was huge. While this made it look fantastic, it also made it just a little too large for my room.

If I can find a slightly smaller version of it at a reasonable price you can be sure I'll pick it up though. If you haven't watched the Doctor Who episode "Vincent And The Doctor" then I highly recommend it.

Bring tissues.


  1. "Van Gogh may not be my favourite painting"

    I take it that's a print, not the original? You'd have to be swimming in that freelance dough to afford even the most obscure Van Gogh, probably.

  2. I did like that episode, only seen it a couple of times though. The BBC should have all of it's programming available thro iPlayer all the time instead of this 30 day limit (a bit like Channel 4 does).

    If the painting inspires your work then it's a good buy. I'm still trying to negotiate a decent shed so I can have my own space.

  3. That's a nice find! And I hope a smaller version of Starry Night shows up soon too. I'd love to see that episode of Doctor Who. VvG had such a sad and tragic life, it always breaks my heart to think of it.

  4. I've never seen "Dr. Who," although I bet I'd like it.

  5. I've never seen "Dr. Who," although I bet I'd like it.

  6. Dr Who sounds educational too. I think I have a smaller version of that painting hung up.

  7. Yeah, that was a great episode. We're both Whovians and not ashamed to admit it. And hey, nice find on the painting. That reminds me that I need to class up my writing room with something that isn't toys and/or gadgets.


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