Thursday, 17 March 2016

Weight For Me

Because I'm on this twelve week weight loss course thing (technically 13 because the woman is off one week) I'm now being weighed on a weekly basis. It's not the best thing in the world, as I feel a week is too short. Weight fluctuates a lot. It's better than being weighed daily at least. Never do that because it's really stupid. Anyway, I was weighed on Tuesday.

I put on half a pound. Which sounds bad but when you take everything into consideration it's not that bad. I was ill for almost all of last week. I'm still battling the remnants of the cold. I barely left my bed at all last week, ate copious amounts of junk food because I was too sick to leave my bed, and had pizza over the weekend. It was something I had planned for a while so I didn't want to put it off. So, somehow, only putting on half a pound seemed like almost an achievement.

I plan to do, and be, better from this week of course. The goal is to lose 5% of my weight in 12 weeks. I can totally do that. From here on out it's all* healthy all** the time. My goal for this week is to lose 1 and a half pounds to put me back on track, as basically I have to lose around a pound a week to meet my 5% goal. That means cooking more, and eating out less, but I'm going to impress the fuck out of these old women with my weight loss.

Yes, most of the people there are old women. I don't think I'm even the average of their age. Actually that's true. If I assume they are all at least 40, and some are more, then the average would be, of course, 40. Which is nowhere near my age.


*mostly healthy
**most of the time


  1. Good for you Mark but you need a treat every now and again!

  2. It's always harder than it should be, isn't it? Life gets in the way...

  3. >those asterisks
    Also, someone should make a scale you can step on, slam a button, and it records your weight without you knowing the result. Do this daily, have it generate a graph, and you get the high data density of weighing frequently without the inconsistencies possibly getting you down.

  4. Glad you got onto a program. Age is a relative term. From my end 40 is young!

  5. Putting on a half pound isn't that bad at all Mark. I mean like you said, weight can fluctuate for various reasons so at a different time on a different day that could have been half a pound less. Keep at it though seriously, you can do this, I'm glad you're on this programme.

  6. 40 is not old!!

    Eating healthy all of the time will just make your metabolism complacent. Need to shake things up every now and then, keep that bastard on his toes so he doesn't slow down. This is science, I promise.


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