Thursday, 31 March 2016

That's No Good

As per usual I was weighed this Tuesday and after the Easter weekend I, unsurprisingly, gained a little weight. It wasn't much at all. Less then a pound even. But it was still a gain. I do know why it happened though. Like I said it was the Easter weekend. I didn't eat many sweets but I still ate some. It didn't help that I overate on Monday either. My dad offered to buy me lunch. I wasn't going to turn him down.
One should never say no to a free meal
This is also the week where everything changes. At least, as far as being weighed goes. I think I mentioned before that this was my last week with this particular group. We learned all about food labels this week and how fantastically filled with lies they are. Seriously it's pretty bad. Anyway, the group is just a little too far away. Starting two weeks today I'll be meeting with an entirely different group a little closer to home. I also learned that I'll actually be dealing with a different group leader. Or whatever I'm supposed to refer to them as. I think perhaps "consultant" may be the correct term? Well whatever they wish to be called I'll have a new one. I'm kind of sad to see the old one go. She was a nice lady. Now I'll be dealing with a man.

I wonder if I'll meet anyone I know there. I'm sure I'm less likely to than I would if I had gone to the local group, which has over 30 people (I don't even know 30 people) but I could still run in to someone I know. I don't know how I'll feel about that.

It's easier on my dad at least. Which is what matters. Now to, you know, eat well and all that so I have a good loss two weeks from now and get restarted in a good place. Let's see what happens.


  1. "One should never say no to a free meal"
    But what if you're dieting? Isn't learning/forcing yourself to say no a big part of that?

  2. Good luck getting back on track with your diet, exercise, and weight loss plan.

  3. Holiday weeks - especially holidays connected with candy - don't count anyway.

  4. You're allowed time off for Easter, holidays and Christmas aren't you?


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