Thursday, 24 March 2016

Reversing The Trend

I know it seems like I've been talking about my weight a lot lately but bear with me for a little longer. I am getting weighed on a weekly basis now. So it's pretty much all I have to talk about. I do have some further good news as far as my weight goes. Which is always nice.
After far too long of putting some weight on slowly, I'm finally starting to lose it too. I was weighed on Tuesday and discovered that I had lost two pounds. Which was pretty cool. My goal for this week was to lose one and a half pounds, so I could get back on track of only having to lose a pound a week to reach my goal of losing 10% of my weight in 13 weeks. It was especially good because I had Chinese food the night before but still lost weight. That's what going to the gym will do for you.

I ate pretty badly yesterday but I did also do a ton of exercise. I was on my feet for about three or four hours overall. My feet were dead by the time I got home but that's a lot of walking that should also help counteract what I ate. I'm getting weighed again next Tuesday and then I have to say goodbye to this little group. The group is just a little too far away from me and I had to wait for room to open up in another group. I can't get into the local one (who knew my small town had such an obesity problem?) but it will be far closer than the group I'm in now.

Let's keep this trend going and slim down even more.


  1. That's good progress. Try to keep up this pace if you can!

  2. That's the right direction. I have tried to get into new and better habits, too, and it takes time before it becomes second nature for me.

  3. Well done Mark, two pounds is a great improvement and it must feel comforting to know that you're losing it and not gaining. Keep it up though, I believe in you!


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