Friday, 25 March 2016

It's The Weekend

Sometimes I'm glad I decide to be lazy and do this kind of thing. Sometimes I just need to be able to spend a few hours looking at funny things and then share them with you.

It's both. It's always both.


I need to spend more time with visually impaired people

I didn't know people brought signs to these things but at least it's a funny one. 

Some Easter humour

Why yes I do feel inclined

The only man who could sell democracy to the Middle East. By force. 

I can believe Cena said this

I miss Zach Braff. He's so awesome,
They aren't wrong
Have a happy Easter folks. Remember to save your gorging for Tuesday when the chocolate is dirt cheap!


  1. OMG, that Easter cookie one is in such bad taste, LOL! Although I'm sure the cookie itself is delicious.

  2. If you think the stigmata cookies look good, you should try the crown of thorns.

  3. Thanks for the dark humour today

  4. The 'if you feel inclined,' one is absolutely brilliant lmao, probably my favourite of the lot, the ones that are quite dark are clever though.

  5. The Easter Cookies are fantastic! Reminds me of a Facebook post I did a couple years ago. I had a picture of me sitting bleary-eyed on the edge of the bed with the caption, "Hallelujah! I have risen!"
    I called it my "Little Bit O'Blasphemy."
    I didn't do it this year. I'm due to spend 1,000 years in Purgatory as it is. No sense pressing my luck.


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