Friday, 11 March 2016

It's Picture Day

Man with how much work I have to do I hope I feel better today. I woke up on Thursday feeling simultaneously better and worse. I was able to get some work done though. So today should be no different.

Santa hates poor kids

I'd never give up hope of this happening

Solid advice there

This is the husband I want to be 
It just keeps on giving 
Technically correct

See you in hell!

Wise words. Wise, bewildering, words. 

Both are true. 

Good point. Keep on driving. 

I fully support 53 states of America. 
Have a good weekend folks!


  1. One nation indivisible is finny.

    I'm glad to see your illness hasn't hurt your meme game.

  2. Homer Simpson epitomizes how every drunk driver thinks!

  3. good ones today Mark, sounds like you are improving healthwise. Thanks for the 'puffling' fact, neat.

  4. Some of these are brilliant lol, thanks for sharing Mark. The one about teachers advising bully victims to be less gay is just typical of the education system nowadays though, it's pretty sad.


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